Now, I found some praises for the vadilal samosa on social media, and so hooked up the owner Ganesh to tell me about his brand of samosa, which people say are one of the best in Powai. Have you had these samosa’s? If yes, let us know, what you think about them, if no, go and have them.

Article sent by Ganesh Tiwari (Owner)

The samosa offers you the ultimate tongue seduction. The tantalising taste emanates from the triangular tetrahedral golden-fried pastry, filled with spiced mash potato and vegetables.

The samosa has been very popular in South Asian cuisine for the last eight centuries. The taste of the samosa transcends class and status.
And here comes an innovation of a new home made recipe of “SAMOSAS by Vadilal” in Powai. The story connects to all Powaikars, and it’s neighbourhood.

The current owner Mr Ganesh Tiwari’s Great Grandmother (Ramadevi) invented the mouth watering recipe, which continues to the fourth generation.

Samosas Vadilal is known for best Samosas across powaikars & Mumbaikars. It’s taste buds indulging since 1960.

The samosas preparation & the masala stuffing is made by owners mother (Chitrakala Tiwari).

It is sold in the traditional Indian way, ready to eat. Indian families and cooking enthusiasts have for years enjoyed the indulgence of home-made samosas, so why wait?

Enjoy the same home made taste with an exclusive signature touch from the origin of “Uttar Pradesh” where the Samosa started it’s story in India.

The Samosa is a truly international food which is enjoyed by millions around the globe. So why would you want to be the one missing out?
Whether you have any occasion, or just sitting in your living room at home, wow your taste buds with the taste of the humble yet fiery samosa! AT ITS BEST

*Address*: Tiwari sadan opp I.I.T Main gate Powai next to Supreme Infrastructure India Ltd
Email id:
Reference u can visit on Zomato (samosas vadilal)