Meluha the Fern ecotel Powai Mumbai now boasts of officially opening ‘Cesky by Christian Cilia’ which is the signature European restaurant designed by master chef Christian from Italy himself.

Wine and food pairing is very subjective to say the least, but for the Master chef Christian , a perfect match between the wine and the dish being served is of utmost importance. Being an artist he always continue to push our taste buds to new sensations, broadening our culinary horizons, and inspiring the need to discover wines to complement his latest creations.
On Saturday evening, Champagne flowed with celebratory toasts seducing Oyster shells with caviar at Cesky,Powai. “The glazed foie gras with toasted brioche was excellent,” Said Anne Grimes of the US consulate American Center who was chief guest at the dinner accompanied by Elsie Gabriel, Actress and model Pooja Misra, Choreographer and socialites Nisha Harale Bedi, Adam Bedi and Tanya Satish. After tantalizing fish and glazed chicken, Pineapple Sorbet with almond nougatine, white chocolate was the perfect nectar to end the evening, completing this totally extravagant night filled with exquisite seven course meal.

Punish Sharma Area General Manager of Meluha the Fern ecotel oversaw the classic and sublime combinations of several wines and exquisite cuisines which paired exceedingly well. Ruchira Goswami from Panch Shristi Powai joined the evening along with her family so did Haute Cotour fashion designer of bags Bhavna Chatterjee with hubby Jai from Hiranandani. Hi profile guests Ashita and Sanjeet Gujral of Powai also graced the occasion besides many others.

Salute Master Chef Christian![/quote]