Greetings, I am Anagha Atit Kolhe and I am 40 years old. I am a resident of Powai and am staying in Jal Vayu Vihar. I have always been doing community work. My society management and my friends suggested that I stand up for election as a Corporator as an Independent Candidate.I feel that I can make the difference and I am requesting the support of the residents of Powai.

a) Being a local citizen like you, I am affected daily by the local issues and I will be able to get them resolved.
b) I am from the middle class. My educational qualifications are BA BEd. I have been working as a teacher at KV IIT Powai on an honorary basis. I do not have any political background. I thus always think and work like any common citizen, which I think, is an asset for any elected representative.
c) My education and work experience would help me to execute the responsibilities as a corporator.
d) I am not affiliated to any political party. As an independent, I will not be influenced by any party issues and would be able to work solely for the progress of our ward.
e) My children are grown up and I can devote my full time to community work.
f) I am the daughter of an IAF Officer. My husband is also a retired IAF officer. When my husband was serving in the IAF, I worked for Women’s Welfare.
g) With my ex-defence background, I will be able to execute and supervise local projects in a corruption free manner.

[quote]Did you know that the BMC budget for Ward “S” with a population of 7 Lakhs for last year was apprx 300 crore rupees? How much money do you think has reached you? How much money do you think was really spent on public related projects? Don’t you think it is time that a non party affiliated candidate who vows to be non-corrupt should be representing you???[/quote]

[box]My contact number is 9323933199.
My email id is
My facebook page is: Anagha A Kolhe for BMC
I look forward to your suggestions and questions.
I request for your support.
Jai Hind[/box]