3SRB is a breathing technique propounded by Shri SN Tavariaji based and founded upon the teachings of Sage Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. The technique is simple, complete and scientific and its diligent practice imminently leads one to gentle ‘transformation’.

Since time immemorial and thru the practice of all religions and philosophies it has been drilled into us that our ‘reactions’ to ‘outside stimuli’ should be ‘good’ or at best ‘controlled’. But no one tells us how this can be done..

We have Heaven and Hell, Karma and Dharma..Japa, Tapa, Bhajans and Satsangs..Asanas, Pranayams and Yoga..
But one cannot indulge for the whole day in these, so for the rest of the day our deep rooted memory –patterns (‘sanskaras’) re-establish their sway on our mind and force automatic reactions out of us..

So the Sages (Sage Patanjali, in the words of Osho, being the last known Master of Yogic Sciences) arrived at a natural all-24 hour rhythmic breathing technique which, based on sound scientific fact, would bring the desired results.
The key is to introduce ourselves to the natural rhythmic breath we humans are born with.

When our breathing is controlled and rhythmic, our blood circulation is controlled and rhythmic, our thinking is controlled and rhythmic, our vision becomes pure and our mind turns inward..

The breathing is called rhythmic because it follows a certain rhythm in nature that all planets, stars, suns, the whole ‘Brahmanda’ breathes, although at different speeds..

As can be seen, the main purpose of 3SRB is the synchronization of the ‘prana’ intake in the astral body with that of the physical body.
In our effort to so synchronise the physical with the astral, our emotional blocks/ negative emotions and their memory patterns formed over very long periods of time and deeply embedded in us, which keep on repeating in our actions, get dissolved/ removed.

When our primary and astral bodies breathe in the same rhythm,
• One is able to remove age old disharmony and conflict between our two bodies, leading to physical, mental and emotional health, ie. total health;
• One can find peace of mind- the intensities and frequencies of unwanted thoughts is reduced;
• One embraces automatically the good and higher path of life without false religiosity and or blind adherence to rites, ceremonies or rituals..
• Amongst children, its regular practice would lead to better concentration and memory, better relationship and stress management, happiness..

The test of the pudding is in the eating. Practice 3SRB regularly and enjoy the innumerable benefits resulting from this rhythmic breathing.

To learn this amazing yet simple breathing technique at no cost or charge, pls contact Parth Sejpal on 98200 35696 for two-session batches on Saturdays ( 7 to 8.30 am) and Sundays (8 to 9.30 am).
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