Suman Basu is a familar face in powai as she has spent a life time working for the rights of the underprivileged  in Powai and striving for a better life for Powai-ites, She is an extra-ordinarily sensitive and caring social worker, and if things get rough she holds a black belt in Karate where she conducts and holds workshops for battered women.Check out this exclusive video interview below with Suman as she talks about her work and her aspirations to help and ensure that she can alleviate the suffering of the common.

She currently  holds various positions in numerous Organisations given below

Suman crushing tiles 

  • Vice-President –North East Mumbai Congress Committee
  • Media Head-Mumbai Mahila Congress
  • Election Co ordinator – Indian Youth Congress
  • Vice President Chathh Puja Seva Samiti
  • Vice-President Manav Dharmacharan Samiti
  • President Indira Shaili Pratishthan
  • Municipal Corporation Election  Contested & lost in February 2007

Suman with MP Priya Dutt

She has been Co-ordinating Hosting & Conducting various events through-out the years with the ideology of the INDIAN NATIONAL CONGRESS in the backdrop alongwith several NGO’s. She has been at the forefront at integrating all Religions and Sects and celebrating each festival on Public Platforms like Mood Indigo Youth Fests, Awards Ceremonies held by the best Blue Chip Companies of India, etc. Her work with the slum dwellers has been exemplary to improve their health conditions, and mentoring the underprivileged on children’s’ &  Womens’ issue.   She has taken tremendous effort t  teach the women of the slums some new skills and also honing them to be experts is an onerous task of  having to balance their homemakers job and also give them confidence to have a career and look for positive growth.

She says “There  is no walk in opportunity for underprivileged women but it has to be created”.

For a dignified life and their economic and social upliftment and tangible impact Suman Basu has started a NGO called Indira Shaili Pratishthana with an aim to provide education, affordable healthcare  and empowering the woman and the girl child.

Suman with MLA and Hon. Minister for State Naseem Khan

Suman with MP Gurudas Kamat