Is everything well with Powai English High School?  I believe there are some issues that the management wants to increase the fees for the year, but he parents are execrting pressure and resisiting the fee hike, as a consequence the school is not able to pay its teachers as per sixth pay commission. what do you think should be done??

  1. Is the school management justified in increasing its fee?
  2. Can the parents afford the fee hike?
  3. Is the quality of teaching suffering at the school as the teachers are disgruntled because of the low pay which is not revised?
  4. Should the management be more innovative and get some corporate participation? (raise funds/provide better amenities)
  5. Is there political interference in education?
  6. Should an autonomous body, look into the school’s balance sheet?

The latest news I heard was that some parents have agreed to a small fee hike of Rs 200, but there is not a unanimous vote on the same.

Recently I was tagged in a note, by Pankaj Lad on facebook with the note I am copy pasting below.

Powai English school is very well knwn school in powai. frm last 8 years their board result is 100% . But teachers from this school are getting salary of 8K to 14K. from 2009 most of the schools are paying 6th pay commission based salary to teachers. Now teachers from this school also want raise in their salary but parents are said if you hike the fees we will shut the school forcefully. Some parents from political connections have insulted Teachers. Pls give me reply what do you think about this fee hike & situation?

Below are some of the responses to the above note. As usual we have tried to crowd source the solution.

  • Irawati Pandit i have a friend who is a teacher and i think the pay scale depends largely on the management!she is gettin paid in the said range as well!!!! P.S:if they shut the school down won’t their kids have a prob as well???

  • Arpana Rawat recourse to a court of law seems to be the only peaceful option…also it is the school management who should address it with parents, not the teachers..they are just employees asking for fair pay from the is management’s responsibility to provide through and increase in fee…also, is it possible that the fee is adequate but the teachers are not compensated well for other reasons (like does the school make more profit?)…again court of law seems like the best answer…

    from what I read here it seems a case of serious mis-management more than a financial one…anyway as the saying goes if you pay peanuts, then you get monkeys!! the school’s balance sheet should certainly be audited…it does not appear that throwing in more money will actually resolve the problem at hand (in terms of infrastructure and school ethics)…teacher quality may improve if more salaries are handed out but back to square one is it due to students paying less or school not shelling out???
  • Neeraj Singh i also agree with ms arpana that schools balance sheet should be audited after that only we will come to conclusion that who is earning how much profit…………. but as per i know that school is having maximum amount of childrens and their fees is also maximum and i know certain people who are sending their ward to pehs and how they are managing and strugling to give fees to college! .So in any case fees SHOULD NOT BE HIKED
  • Mandar Vaidya Almost every year there is a problem in this school. Either related to studies or fees or infrastructure or play ground. I also heard that there are loads of arguments between teachers and administration or between parents and administration. 

  • Karan Rawat What one would like to do is take a look at the school’s financials…

    how much money is coming in and how is it being spent?
    if the fees is high and yet toilets are dirty, teachers get peanuts, then maybe management is pocketing all the mone…y?
  • Alok Gupta The issue of compensation for teahcers should be linked more broadly to the total school revenue issue and adequate profit sharing. This will open up many avenues of compensation. Often schools are using teacher compensation only as a disguise to the real intention. 

  • Sheetal Shirke hmmm… rally and discussion not a bad idea. actally the school students should do some work shop , so that the parents and the teachers can understand that they LOVE THEIR SCHOOL and teaching, what their teachers are teaching. or can show some slides of the old school and the future plans of the school , so that the parents can understand the issue.