Aaji Care Home Health Service is a Mumbai based Social enterprise and has been listed among top 100 Social Enterprise across India recognized by Action for India forum. It celebrated its 3rd anniversary on 15th August 2015. To provide peace of mind to families with elderly, we have started affordable yet quality Geriatric / Elder Care at Home packages starting as low as 2000 per month.

Mrs Sharma <Name changed but an existing customer> has been taking care of her 90 year old mother. She tried various options which will help her to take care of her mother but none worked. Finally she availed services of Aaji care which is specialized in providing affordable quality home care for elderly. After 1 year Mrs Sharma has found a reliable care provider whom she can trust. This trust gave her confidence to leave her mother alone in the safe hands of Aaji Care for 4 months while she had to go for a trip abroad.

Aaji Care wants address some of the key challenges faced by elderly in metro city like loneliness, lack of resources, emergency hospitalization, lab test from home, lack of trained care givers, assistance for doctor visits, and assistance for bill payment. While they address these challenges their main objective is to reduce cost for care at home and at the same time improve quality of care through various means like use of technology and group care. This will also give independence to elderly & peace of mind to younger generation who don’t stay with their parents but are really worried about them. They can receive weekly report about health of their parents.

 We will be really looking forward to work with senior citizen groups or society to take this effort forward and help elderly in their neighbourhood and address their major challenges.Feel free to send your suggestions to contact@aajicare.in

Our vision is “To improve quality of life for families in need of care” and provide peace of mind to both elderly and their family.

We also provide services which includes physiotherapy, nursing visits, attendant / care giver services at home. Please visit our website www.aajicare.in to know more details about it and also visit our page https://www.facebook.com/aajicare