Synchronise Energy

clip_image001Synchronise Energy is a scientific and technical research centre specialized in the study of the energetic dimension of man. Whether it is Spondylosis or Back Ache or Migraine, Depression or Menstrual Irregularities, the therapy of Synchronise Energy is a cure for all.

It is a therapy which has no oral medication, no side effects and can diagnose any disease four years before it incubates in your body. The therapy basically deals with your “Aura” and the “Energy Meridians” flowing in the body. It believes, pain is caused due to an imbalance in the flow of energy and thus aims at balancing the flow of energy and vitalising the Aura.

Before treatment


After Treatment


Now you can avail the benefits of “ADVANCED ENERGY BALANCING & AURA SCANNING” right here in powai , for appointments call 98200-60599, 09826032109.


Synchronise Energy is the first acmos centre in India. Learn this invaluable, advanced and scientifically researched technology. It teaches the way to Healthy living and helps people around you too.Synchronise Energy will not only train you but will also help you setup your wellness centre.It is the path-breaking technology through which you can learn and heal. For more details contact Shikha Mucchal 0n 09669455661