All children irrespective of their developmental pattern need an education that nurtures their pre-academic readiness skills like fine and gross-motor coordination, opportunities for free movement and physical play, free-play with unstructured toys that fires their imagination and an opportunity to learn through imitation and not instruction.

As NIRAAMAYAA moves into its third year, we are happy to announce that admissions are open for Kindergarten for all children aged between 3 to 6 years. We would especially like to welcome

  • children who need special care and attention
  • children whose parents want an education that lets them grow at a natural pace, lets children discover their own potential and fosters creativity

We provide a warm, caring, accepting and natural environment for children to grow freely and with confidence. We also provide special therapies and parental counselling for chidren who need special care, which they may not get from a regular pre-school.

Come and explore this nature-inspired education. The education that takes us back to our roots is the education that will prepare our children for a secure future.

Contact: 25780867 (between 9am to 2pm on weekdays), 9987653780