By Elsie Gabriel

Nisha is also known to be a strong green activists and propagates that as far as possible make your own idol and help sustain planet earth.

says Nisha during her visit to the Young Environmentalists to make her own Ganesha idol,

[quote]”I am grateful to little Ridge who taught me how to make the idol in few easy steps.The clay Ganesha signifies that what we take from nature we give back to Mother Earth. When you actually create your own idol you realise how close matti and dharti is to you, your fingers and hands, making the trunk, belly,ears,hands and feet simply immerse you in unison with God.Iam glad to be at Powai today learning how to make this festival eco friendly.”[/quote]

Later in the afternoon, Nisha presented the eco friendly Ganesha idol to the Tejawani Hiranandani Ganesh Mandal to Mr.Ravi Singh and to Addy. The Hiranandani Mandal is beautiful and beckons all to visit.