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The Editor

Sharell Cook, Editor.

Sharell first visited India in November 2000, and was captivated by the country's depth and diversity. She returned many times to further her travels, before getting married and finally settling in Mumbai.

Sharell and her husband have chosen to live in Powai, because she says it offers her privacy and convenience.

Sharell is a celebrated blogger who has years of experience in writing for the web and SEO optimization.  She's currently responsible for writing and maintaining About.com’s India Travel website, a position that she's held since March 2008. She finds the role particularly fulfilling because it enables her to continue her love of exploring India and sharing her discoveries with the world.

She is now delighted to write and edit content for www.Powai.info as she thinks this website has tremendous potential in building a good community around it, and she says " I believe in empowering people with information"

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