Santosh Kapoor came to Powai in 1957 when he was seven years old. He says Powai was a very green place then, and the weather was so cold that his mother would apply oil on his eyelids in the morning.

Mr. Kapoor reminisces how Powai was a great place to live then; there were no roads then, and no one even thought of going to Andheri, only after the IIT Bombay got established, a bus service began in Powai. He used to go to St. John Baptist, high school in Thane. When Pandit Nehru came for the inauguration of IIT Bombay, he along with other kids had gone to watch.

His father somehow came into contact with the Sharma’s and moved to Powai. The Sharma’s are the original landowners of Powai along with the Panchkutirs (5 bungalows) owners, who sold their land for about in 80,’s to the Hiranandani’s.

Mr. Kapoor and his  3 brothers and 2 sisters used to stay in the same home with the Sharma’s called Durga Niwas, now there stands a building called Bhavani Towers; he says there were only two cars then in Powai, and one of them belonged to the Sharma’s. Mr. Kapoor’s father was the first person to travel to Europe and America. His father was one of the first one to own a camera and a radio in Powai and was a photo-enthusiasts.

The place from Bhavani Towers to Rambaug was all big grass cultivation area; that was the business of the people here. He fondly remembers and appreciate the efforts of Gopal Sharma and Chittaranjan Sharma for their role in the development of Powai. He said, no one heard of any crime then in Powai.

Now Mr. Santosh Kapoor lives in Powai and operates his monopoly business from his residence, his two sons and their wives are in corporate jobs.