Today Powai resident Retired Commander Sanjeev Saikia shares with us one of the simple pleasure of his life here in Powai — the birds who visit his house. He says:

We all are so busy with our day to day life in Powai, that we hardly get any time to enjoy the small gifts of the nature/ god which are around us. During the summer, we used to put a pail of water on the window parapet so that the thirsty birds could quench their thirst. Once the monsoon started , water is in abundance and we have stopped putting the pail on the parapet and naturally our winged friends visits stopped . We have started missing them.

To invite the birds once again to our house, we have stated putting grains on a plate and place it on the window. Once again it has become a regular practice for the birds to visit us daily in the morning with their chirping music. We have Crows, Mynah and sparrows as our regular guests. A few photographs have been attached for you to have a look at our “guests’. What is remarkable is that these birds have their own roster and once they have their fill they fly away to give opportunity to the others, without really monopolising the feed.

To me chirping of these birds is the best wake up call.