…. Awesome, beautiful, lovely …… place you fell in love with

I read in newspaper and heard from friends everything in Mumbai is cheap except taking a room/flat on rent. Even in suburbs you get very costly place for living, which cost you half in any other metro. But past two years in Mumbai is like living in heaven called NITIE. Got admission for Industrial Management student in National Institute of Industrial Engg (NITIE) and then leaving place like Hyderabad where living is quite easy in comparison to other metros has raises many questions and worries in my mind. But to move with life I came to Mumbai and got room in Hostel-5 on floor 7th. Earlier it sounds like pain , going 7 floors daily more than 10 times seems to as if I would be wasting my precious time and energy. Where the lift is typical government college like others whom you cant trust.

But everything is against my worries. Past two years in college is like a heaven. Getting room on sharing in first year with wonderful view, surrounded with trees and attached bathroom is making it best place to live. Where room shares top awsum view, for which people spends thousand rupees is beyond imagination. In evening and early morning you have such nice breeze which refreshes you always. The view from window of two lake (NITIE pond and Powai Lake) makes you to forget all your worries and made you fell in love with nature. No tension of water supply and electricity. When trees are sharing there tops with you and chirping of birds wakes you up or sing a sleeping songs for you (as you generally sleep too late) makes an experience wonderful which is rare to get anywhere else specially in congested city like Mumbai where you can see the tall building but no trees. Then comes the second year, when getting a single room is best part. And when you get the pond facing room is bonus for you. Mine room shares the great picturesque of nature, from window you have view of NITIE pond which makes it a perfect resort. Lightening at pond always enlighten you with new energy and enthusiasm. NITIE is on hill and you have a complete resort like living experience. You are in gods own place, where there is fresh air to breathe, pond side to sit & walk under the trees shed protecting you against sun and where every move yours is shared with nature. What to say about life in NITIE and when loving living experience in rooms with awesome views, breeze and sun set/rise makes it perfect place and lifetime experience.

In addition to this the view from MDP hostel roof and NITIE guest house is something unimaginable. The view of three lakes (Vihar , Powai and NITIE pond) makes it so beautiful which forms place in your heart that moment. From the very first step in college to whole NITIE trip you have company of birds and nature. NITIE pond is best place to sit and have gossips. NITIE is one of place where nature is and education go hand in hand. Along with best education with best professors, Infrastructure make it in top 10 Bschools of India.

The article was wrriten by

Tarang Maheshwari (Keshav Maheshwari)

Industrial Management Student

NITIE, Mumbai


NITIE in Rankings:
• Received the ‘Best Management Institute of 2009’ award by the Bombay Management Association (BMA)
• Ranked 3rd in placements and 5th overall in Business World B-School rankings 2009
• Ranked 5th in Outlook B-School rankings 2008
• Ranked 6th in Competition Success Review-GHRDC B-School Rankings 2008
• Ranked in the Super League (Top 10) in Business Standard B-School survey 2008
• Ranked 9th in ‘Top B-Schools in India’ survey 2008 conducted by HT-Mint and CFore
•Ranked 7th in wallstreet journal