A short review of Zaffran at Rcity

I have never been to Zaffran outlet at crawford market and had heard wonderful things about Zaffran and its authentic moghlai food. This time on one of my visits to Rcity Mall Ghatkopar , I was alone and quite hungry and was looking for something quick and filling. So a traditonal Indian Moghlai outlet was the ideal choice.


Entering the place I was quite awed by the regal decor, but soon the pleasant and opulent facade gave away to wires tied in a knot and a supposedly abandoned idea of a water body behind the seats, the televisions sets are placed awkwardly making the place look a tad bit tacky.

Food experience :

I straightway ordered a “SHERBET” as i didn’t want to go in for the Mojito which is my regular option, the description said crushed ice and rose and aniseed , what i got instead was a vanilla ice-cream blended with Strawberry Hershey’s and topped with milk. On enquiring the server admitted there was no aniseed flavour but there might be some rose flavour. Yes, a rose by the name of strawberry I guess! I think the outlet still has untrained staff and might need another 6 months to gear up.

I also ordered a Ghosh Biryani, this time I want disappointed, the biryani was flavourful, the meat succulent and tender, and the quantity  was ample, I had to pack a quarter of it for home! The biryani saved the entire experience for me. 


After drinking the Hershey’s sherbet, i was in no mood to try anything sweet, I paid the bill, which I was surprised to see was well below my expectations. This is the beauty of eating in a indian cuisine restaurant, its always lighter on the pocket.


So don’t go with high expectation, go for a reasonably cheap non-vegetarian meal and you might end up with a happy tummy. bon appetit!