A seven year old startups aids businesses acquire clients who can no longer ‘come’ to them

A seven year old startups aids businesses acquire clients who can no longer ‘come’ to them

In good times, change has always been a slow and painful process. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has rendered this theory obsolete. Now, change has come at lightning speed and it depends on survival and it has been happening — restaurants turning into makeshift godowns, chaatwalas turning vegetable sellers and much more.

Yet, many businesses across sizes are struggling to go digital and these problems are not just technical. Most of them are unable to reach out to their customers digitally, who now cannot come to them. This is a problem that a seven-year-old Mumbai based start-up Acquist is all set to solve.

The company founded by Sanjay Guha, a marketing and consulting veteran, is all set to provide a database of potential customers in a hyper-local manner. “Basically what we do is streamline advertising and marketing so that it reaches the right kind of customers. For example, if someone wants to open a coaching class in Powai, we can provide them with parents of children of a certain age who are much more likely to offtake the product,” he explains.

Know Thy Customer

In a world where data is the new oil, Acquist’s potential is boundless. In times of pandemic, it is much more relevant than ever. “We just do not give advice to our clients on what to do, we handhold them to the entire process of transformation like going from offline to online or pivoting to a new business segment and change the way they work,” said Guha.

The startup has served around 250 clients already and is hoping to take on more work during these times. In most cases, it also charges clients on the basis of revenue they generate. “It’s not advice we give, we ensure that it results in actual business generation and revenue. So our model is different from most other run-of-the-mill consultancies out there,” he says.

They also organize telecalling or text-based marketing to bring in customers. However, targeted data usage helps businesses boil the whole ocean and identify the right pockets. In fact, Guha says that most of their data is also geographically classified and also pans across the country – be it a community in Hyderabad or an area in Kolkata, they can help zoom into the customers.

The London Bridge

Acquist has serviced Indian and international clients and their most recent success story involves mega real estate deals. A realty dealer in London who generally sells to Saudis and other Asian countries had wanted to tap the Indian HNI market as potential clients. Acquist had helped them identify the most likely candidates who are keen on buying property abroad. In all, many as 40 homes were purchased by Indians abroad via the startup.

“This was one of our most successful deals but the success rate of most of our clients is as good. The idea is to reach those who want to be reached — that is when hit rate improves. Think of us like an invisible line that helps people hit the bullseye on a dartboard,” Guha explains.

The name of their companies Acquist stems from a Latin word called ‘Acquistum’ which means gain or acquisition. “And, that is what we achieve for our clients,” Guha sums it up.

Recently Sanjay launched a consumer vertical named LOCALMARKET A Hyper local delivery platform for any and every need from groceries to consumer durables to any utility services under the sun.

Sanjay was also featured in a recent interview where he discussed a larger perspective of the current business scenario vis-a-vis his businesses.

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