Vivero International Pre-School, Powai held its 4th Annual Day on Saturday 22nd March at the Megarugas Banquets. It was an occasion to celebrate the several achievements of the children at School. The morning saw a merry mélange of children sing, dance and recite. Children confidently strode up on stage dressed in their colourful best to dance to popular beats and as the music reached its crescendo they all synchronised to take the final bow beaming a happy smile to their parents. To instill awareness and responsibility towards nature, several performances revolved around wild life and how we need to preserve the gifts granted to us.

The annual day was yet another cause for celebration as the children from the class of Kindergarten 2 graduated from school to start a new journey. Dressed in their graduation robes, looking regal the children collected their scrolls, while the parents looked on proudly.