A couple of pictures of the Mohiniattam performance sent by Suman Badami and Shyam Saxena

Suman says 

Dazzling in white and gold , with beautiful expressive eyes the dancers of Upaasana academy performed  “Mohiniattam” last evening reminding one of the graceful palms and exquisite beauty of Kerala….those who missed it , enjoy these pictures…and watch this space for more Classical Indian performances brought to you, EVERY MONTH by Powai Fine Arts.

Mr. Shyam Saxena

After its hugely successful ‘Barkha Bahar Aayee’. Powai Fine Arts on Saturday, 15th September 2012 presented an alluring evening of Mohiniyattam Dance by Sujata Nair and her Troupe. This classical dance from Kerala is very aptly known as the Dance of the Seductress, rich in the nuances of Shringar Ras. Ably assisted by Amrita and Pratibha, the troupe began with a Vandana in Raga Chakravakam. Then followed renditions of Jayadeva’s Ashatapadi (Geet Govind) depicting the pangs of separation and amorous dalliances and tiffs of Radha and Krishna, in Raga Sindhubhairavi in Aadi Talam. This was followed by Varnam, Kshetrayya Padam, and a very soothing Lullaby depicting all the love and tenderness of a mother putting her child to sleep. The recital concluded with the Nava Rasa of Siva, with its all powerful depiction of Raudra among others, in Ragamalika and Talamalika. The choreography was done by Smt. Jayashree Nair. The Chief Guest of the evening was Sri Mani Subramanian – CEO of Barclays Bank, who moved from Thane to Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, and had created a big cultural shift in Thane by having classes for students in Vocal, instrumental and dance in Thane Cultural Association, with more than 700 students.

Talent Search: 

One of the founding principles of Powai Fine Arts is to also scout for local talent among the Powai community and present these gifted amateurs a wider public platform. Last Saturday’s program presented one such talented amateur, vocalist Kakoli Lahiry, who has been singing on AIR and Doordarshan for 25 years. Known in the local community for her renditions of Rabindra Sangeet, sweet-voiced Kakoli sang Hindi numbers including bhajans, thumris and concluded with the soulful evergreen ‘Babul Mora Naihar Chuto Hi Jai…’, immortalized by the late K.L. Saigal. The evening was ably compered by Sailaja Desai. President Swamy honoured the artists with PFA mementos.

PFA continues its quest for local talent in the field of Performing Arts, like classical music, dance and instrumental and also Sufi music, ghazals, classic Hindi film songs, fusion, etc. The PFA screening panel will review the contenders and like Kakoli Lahiry present them from time to time, before its main program of the evening. Those interested may write to the panel members, along with their CV and any on-line sampling of their talents on Youtube, etc. The email IDs of the talent search panel members are

swaragam@gmail.com   ;   sailajadesai@hotmail.com  ;  badamis@hotmail.com


[box]The writeup and the pictures were sent to me by Suman Badami. Suman  is a home maker to her 2 kids and her husband, she is a bharatnayam guru and a performing artist and  also a  founding member of PFA (Powai Fine Arts) promoting Indian fine arts.  She has been living in Powai, for more than 10 years.[/box]