WHAT’s ON dropped in at Australian cafe lounge Aromas, and found that the piece de resistance was not even mentioned on the menu
If Mocha and Barista ever joined forces, Aromas is what would emerge, especially as far as the ambience and prices are concerned. The Australian coffee chain could not have chosen a better location for its first outlet in the country, as Powai is an established BPO hub, which, coupled with the yuppie crowd in the area, ensures a steady stream of clientele. Also the fact that the place caters to a whole range of junta through its expansive
menu from coffees to teas, pastas to wines and desserts helps.

Piccolo Latte, Rs 59

Ambience:Aromas is promoting itself as a cafe-cum-lounge, which could turn into a tricky situation to manage despite the space they have. Perhaps the seating arrangement is meant to demarcate the cafe from the lounge, with simple chairs and tables signifying the cafe area and the cushy sofas indicating the lounge area.
But we suggest you grab a sofa even if you just want a sip on some coffee.

Food: On this front, Aromas scores a 3 out of 5, as the menu is pretty comprehensive. We tried the Creole Garlic Chicken (Rs 129) and Bruschetta with Cheese and Garlic (Rs 55) for starters. The chicken was succulent but since both the dishes were suffering from a garlic overdose, we’re cutting down one point here. One major grouse we have with Aromas is that they have a company policy of serving only bottled water. Not only does that add to your bill, but the plastic bottles are not good for the environment either!
For the main course we decided to try the Aromas Special Non-Veg Pizza (Rs 179), which was loaded with chicken sausage and salami, and the freshly-baked, tongue twister Veg Pasta Aglio-o-Olio (Rs 145), which had bell peppers, mushroom (but not black olives as promised) tossed in Pepperonchino sauce. The main course more than made up for the disappointment of the starters. We decided to ask for the sobre coffees, Piccolo Latte (Rs 59) and Chocolate Mint Glacier (Rs 69), with Almond Flake Cookies (Rs 20) and Mango Mousse Pastry (Rs 55) instead of the wines and were not let down. The management promises to serve beer soon as well.
But the best thing that Aromas offers is not even mentioned on the menu. The coffee nutties, roasted coffee beans hidden under chocolate, are special imports from Australia and are yummy. Our waiter was kind enough to bring them for us just as we were about to leave, so make sure to get your dose too.

Service: The waiters at Aromas are mostly ex-Barista and Cafe Coffee Day guys, which ensures decent service. The kitchen staff though seemed a little overwhelmed with the crowd as the orders took ages to get to the table.   We also wish that the staff would stop playing around with the airconditioners, switching them on and off whenever they felt like.

At: G6, Ventura building, opposite D Mart, Central Avenue Road, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai.
Call: 65220313.
Time: 9 am to 12 midnight.

Aromas didn’t know we were there. WHAT’s ON reviews anonymously and pays for meals.

written by Aditi Sharma

Article was sourced from here http://www.mid-day.com/whatson/2009/apr/060409-Aromas-Australian-Cafe-Lounge-Piccolo-Latte-Whats-on-Mumbai.htm