New restaurants have been popping up all over Powai in recent years. As a result, there’s now a wide range of cuisine to choose from. No longer do you have to restrict yourself to standard Indian or Chinese fare. You can be adventurous and tempt your taste buds with all kinds of food from around the world.

Here are five restaurants in Powai serving tasty international cuisine.

1. Bistro Grill (Arabian)

Bistro Grill, Powai.
Bistro Grill, High Street, Powai.

Bistro Grill, located just around the corner from Aromas, is one of the newer additions to the restaurant scene in Powai. A smaller version of it, called Bistro Grill Xpress, used to be open in the Galleria. The name doesn’t give away much, but Bistro Grill specialises in authentic Arabic cuisine. The marinated kebab skewers are particularly succulent. There are also sizzlers and rice dishes, with vegetarian options as well. And the food is reasonably priced. However, Bistro Grill isn’t just an appealing place to come and eat. Thanks to the added live entertainment, it’s also great for an evening out. Three nights a week (Wed-Fri) you can enjoy original live music such as acoustic guitar, vocals, and DJ with percussion. Conveniently, there’s a bar separate to the dining area. Phone +91 22 4015 7888. It’s open for lunch and dinner, and until late in the night on weekends.

2. Spaghetti Kitchen (Italian)

Spaghetti Kitchen, Powai.
Spaghetti Kitchen, High Street, Powai.

The Spaghetti Kitchen can be found above Bistro Grill, on High Street, Hiranandani Gardens. The restaurant aims to provide authentic Italian flavour in a contemporary and stylish atmosphere. Its spacious and bright interior is attractive, and is very reminiscent of Italy, with stained glass lamps, painted plates, mosaic table tops, and a wine bar. The food, while delicious, is on the costly side. However, what’s excellent value for money is their Midday Italian Rendezvous — a three course lunch, with veg and non-veg options, for 450 rupees. It’s served from midday until 4.30 p.m. The amount of food is substantial, and will satisfy the hungriest of tummies! Since most main courses are priced at around 350 rupees each, you really can’t go wrong with this lunchtime offer. Phone +91 22 6671 8800 or visit the Spaghetti Kitchen Facebook page for more information.

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3. Far East (Asian)

Far East, Powai.
Far East, Rodas Ecotel Hotel, Powai.

Far East is part of the Rodas Ecotel hotel, situated next to Haiko and the Galleria in Hiranandani Gardens. It’s gained a reputation for serving up a mixture of authentic food from all over Asia, including China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. The sit down, set menu banquet is particularly popular. For only 250 rupees (veg) or 275 rupees (non veg) plus tax, you can feast on soup, four starters, four main course items, and dessert. The restaurant has a captivating outlook, and show kitchen so you can watch your food being prepared. Phone +91 22 6693 6969 or visit their website for more information.

4. Mainland China (Chinese)

Mainland China.
Mainland China, Central Avenue, Powai.

Yes, it’s Chinese food, which is nothing new. But the Chinese food at Mainland China is the best in Powai. This fine dining restaurant, which has branches all over India, serves authentic cuisine from the major provinces of China. The rich ambiance inside is distinctly Chinese, with red being the main theme. And service is outstanding. As is to be expected, food is pricey. But it’s definitely no deterrent! You can expect to pay around 500 rupees for a main dish, and 250 for noodles. Don’t miss trying the renowned Dim Sum. Mainland China is open daily for both lunch and dinner. It’s located on Central Avenue, above Subway. Phone +91 22 2570 8800/8820/8821, or visit the Mainland China website and Mainland China Facebook page for more information. Also, read this review of Mainland China and check out the Mainland China menu.

5. Lake View Cafe (Continental)

Lake View Cafe.
Lake View Cafe, Renaissance Hotel, Powai.

The Lake View Cafe at the luxury Renaissance Hotel in Powai is the perfect place for a leisurely Sunday brunch. Its view across Powai Lake is tranquil and soothing. And you can treat yourself to unlimited buffet food and drinks for 1,500 rupees (or 1,650 rupees if you want unlimited sparkling wine). In fact, the buffet is popular for breakfast, lunch and dinner all through the week as well. You’ll be able to choose from an array of cheese, cold cuts, Italian breads, salads, salmon, roast lamb, and grilled seafood. There’s also a menu available for those who want something else. It’s expensive though. Even a simple burger or sandwich costs 495 rupees! But the benefit is that the Lake View Cafe is open 24 hours a day. Phone +91 22 6692 7550 for more information and reservations, or download the menu.

And Then There’s….

Chili’s (Mexican and American South West)
Chili’s is a popular chain restaurant in America, that’s now in India. Good Mexican food is hard to come by in India, and it’s uncertain whether you’ll find it here. Feedback, such as this review of Chili’s, is mixed. However, try it for yourself! What is certain is that the generous portions will keep you munching for a while! Chili’s is located on Central Avenue, next to the State Bank of India.

Yoko (American Sizzlers)
The specialty at Yoko is American Sizzlers. Unfortunately though, the sizzlers at the Powai branch don’t seem to have much….sizzle. Reports of excess sauce, bland and over cooked food, soggy french fries, and poor service are common. However, if you’re still game enough to dine there, you’ll find Yoko in the Galleria.