After the perfect give for a friend or loved one? There’s no need to look far because there are plenty of shops in Powai that sell attractive gift items, such as toys, books, music, handicrafts, home furnishings, jewellerly, and other novelty items. Whether you’re buying something for a child, a friend, or a relative there are lots of options!

Here are five places to find great gifts in Powai.

1. Lucky Plus

Lucky Plus, located on Central Avenue in the Cypress market, possibly has the best selection of greeting cards in Powai (rivaled only by Archies in Powai Plaza). Pleasingly, they’re out on display at the front of the store for easy selection too. In addition to greeting cards, Lucky Plus stocks all sorts of novelty gifts, hobby items, sporting goods, childrens toys, and items for new born babies. Have a hunt around. There really is something for everyone in there!

2. Shubham Jewellers

Shubham Jewellers, located at Shop 65 in the Galleria Shopping Centre (on the corner of Central Avenue and Main Street, Hiranandani Gardens), has some exquisite items for a special occasion. As well as gold jewellery, precious stones and birth stones, they also stock a collection of framed Lord Ganesha idols on intricate gold plated peepal leaves. The display case at the front of the store is really eye-catching. Phone: 022 25717180.

3. Handicraft Stores

Handicrafts and household items make wonderful gifts, and Powai is fortunate enough to have three renowned stores that sell a wide and unique range of these items — Maarti (in Powai Plaza), FabIndia (on Lake Boulevard Rd) , and Suriti the Culture Shop (in Haiko Mall). Choose from home furnishings, bedding, incense, bronze statues, earthenware, garments, hand made jewellery, and artwork. The stores support craft people and artisans all across India, so you’ll be shopping for a good cause!

4. Crossword and Vasundhara Book Shops

If you’re buying for a book lover, Crossword book store on Central Avenue is the place to go. As well as mainstream books in all different genres, a limited range of music and stationery items are also available there. Phone 022 6694 2555‎ or visit the Crossword website for more information. If you’re after something specalised, try the Vasundhara Book Shop which sells translations (in Hindi and English) of the works of famous regional and international writers and poets. It’s hidden away on the 6th floor of Gateway Plaza (near Powai Plaza on Central Avenue) in Powai. Phone 022 2570 5857.

5. Planet M

This Planet M is one of many stores in the popular chain, which has branches all over Mumbai and India. It’s tucked away on the ground floor of the Haiko Place shopping mall, on Central Avenue, Hiranandani Gardens. Inside you’ll find a wide variety of music and movies (both past and present), perfect for devotees. Planet M also sells mobile phones, gaming consoles, and MP3 players. Phone 022 25797788‎ or visit the Planet M website for more information.