By Varshabh Iyer

Crawling out of bed on a Sunday afternoon, looking borderline casual and all set to devour the happiest meal on the planet – Brunch! There are few meals in life, which are as exciting and enticing. An experience that brings people together over some smooth drinks and delicious food, Brunch for the right reasons is extremely popular among young professionals who comfortably discuss everything under the sun. If you’re salivating and dreaming already, check our curated list of places that serve a killer brunch in Powai.

1. The Aromas Cafe:

A place that generates rave reviews across social media, Aromas Café is a fan favourite. Located in the heart of Hiranandani, they are known to serve the famous traditional American cuisine. Big hearty sandwiches, creamy pasta, fresh salads and yummy milkshakes – is a popular Powai staple, thanks to the café. A chilled out vibe that is comforting and appetising, this Café gets it right on most accounts.

2. Le Pain Quotidien:

LPQ as they popularly call it (you know why!), is Powai’s culinary jewel. With an elaborated European menu, this place has plenty of botanical and vegan options on offer. Their signature open-faced Belgian sandwich would be seen on most tables. The décor is tasteful and their cuisine inviting, which is well described and represented in their extensive menu. From fresh salads and authentic Italian cuisine, to sumptuous mains and tantalizing desserts – this concept restaurant truly consumes you within its magnificence. While you’re here, please have their signature Cheesecake on our behalf!

3. Sigree Global Grill:

Do brunches need to be European or American? Hell No! Sigree Global Grill shows you what an authentic Indian Brunch would look like. Throwing in some Asian and Italian cuisine for representative purposes, this place is hands-down a corporate favourite! The spread is humongous and the price affordable – making it an ideal spot to chill with for a large group. Known for their melt-in-mouth fish preparation, they pride themselves on their tandoor interpretations. The biryani served here is flavourful and yummy. And their dessert spread is unmatched! We advise you to go with an empty stomach to experience Sigree best.

4. Herbs & Spice:

Located in Ramada Powai, Herbs & Spice is a popular brunch spot for most families in and around Powai. With a cordial staff in place, the restaurant makes you feel at home. The food is excellent, serving delectable world cuisine to all its patrons. Cooking stations that are comfortably placed, this place feels spacious and inviting. Known for their extensive dessert section, frequent visitors are known to go easy on the mains and gorge on their desserts. From beautiful cheesecakes to fresh ice cream, they have mastered the sweet tooth requirement!

5. Cafe Ambrosia:

Cafe ambrosia offers one of Mumbai finest Brunch experiences. Its wide selection of comforting soups, multiple varieties of pasta, salads and appetizers leave nothing to complain. With an ambience as cosy and comforting, your Sunday afternoon is bound to experience a facelift! The staff is extremely courteous, often inviting you to try their famed dessert section. Known to revise their menu regularly, you are sure to come out happy and finish your week on a high!