Cavernous Powai Plaza, opposite Pizza Hut on Central Avenue Powai, isn’t as lively or as welcoming as its nearby competitor, The Galleria. In fact, Powai Plaza has the distinct feeling of being under construction. The interior is dark and gloomy, stray kabootars clutter the ceiling, and many of the shops are unoccupied. However, this doesn’t mean that you should avoid visiting Powai Plaza altogether. There are actually quite a few interesting shops inside.

Here are five shops in Powai Plaza that you shouldn’t miss.

1. Soma

Soma, Powai Plaza.
Soma, Shop 93-94 Powai Plaza.

Soma is located at Shop 93-94 on the ground floor of Powai Plaza, right near the main entrance. It specialises in fine block-printed textiles, produced by village families in Rajasthan. Not only does Soma empower many village women to supplement their family’s income, the store offers some exquisite textile items. Choose from home furnishings, clothes (kurtis, shawls, scarves, and salwaar sets) and bags. What’s really convenient is that all the products can be machine washed! Phone +91 22 2570 1592 or visit the Soma Shop website for more information.

2. Maati

Maati, Powai Plaza.
Maati, Shop 109 Powai Plaza.

Maati can be found at Shop 109 on the first floor of Powai Plaza, to the left of the main entrance. The name Maati means Earth, and this essence has been imbibed into the handicrafts sold at the store. Produced using natural materials and methods by artisans based in rural areas, the products are wonderfully unique. The jewellery that you’ll find at Maati has a distinctly tribal look. There are also very attractive beaded handbags, as well as home furnishings (cushion covers, sheets, blankets), and bronze and terracotta items. Phone +91 22 2571 7209 or visit the Maati Crafts website for more information.

3. The Thapovan

The Thapovan, Powai Plaza.
The Thapovan, Shop 136 Powai Plaza.

Located at Shop 136, on the first floor to the right of the main entrance, The Thapovan has been offering traditional Kerala Ayurvedic Treatments since 1998. The treatments, provided by a qualified doctor, include Panchakarma, Rejuvenation therapies, Dhara, Pizhichil, Uzhichil, and Njavarakizhi. These treatments are designed to cure a range of specialised illnesses — and the list is extensive, covering everything from arthritis to ulcers. All treatments are based on pure Ayurvedic medicines derived from medicinal plants. Phone +91 22 2570 1007 or visit The Thapovan website for more information.

4. Sheetal Article

Sheetal Article, Powai Plaza.
Sheetal Article, Shop 18 Powai Plaza.

Sheetal Article is tucked away at the back of Powai Plaza, next to Archies stationary store, in Shop 18. Its blue sign is written completely in Hindi, but the large glass front of the store ensures that it stands out. Inside Sheetal Article you’ll discover a wide range of marble mandirs and marble murtis, paintings, designer name plates, and other marble and granite items. It’s open daily from 10.30 a.m until 8 p.m. Phone +91 98 69 762 684 for more information.

5. Mantra Dining Bar

Mantra Dining Bar, Powai Plaza.
Mantra Dining Bar, Shop 1-16 Powai Plaza.

Mantra Dining Bar is situated on the ground floor of Powai Plaza, to the left of the main entrance. This restaurant and bar has a very warm and inviting ambiance, with the bar area being particularly appealing. Add to this an impressively varied and tasty menu, including Mughlai, Chinese and Indian cuisine, and you have a popular place for a meal and drinks out! Phone +91 22 2570 2501 for more information and reservations.

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