If you’re looking for something entertaining to do with your friends or family, fortunately there are plenty of options in Powai. In fact, people from other parts of Mumbai regularly come to Powai because of all the fun activities that are on offer. These activities are some of the best in the city, and include everything from paintball to ten pin bowling. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your next adventure!

Here are five fun things to do in Powai.

1. Go Karting

Hakone Go Karting, Powai.
Hakone Go Karting, Cliff Avenue, Powai.

Perched high on the hill overlooking Hiranandani Gardens lies the Hakone Go Karting track. The track, which is around half a kilometer in length, isn’t huge but it’s one of the better ones around. There is more to the track but it’s generally only opened up for tournaments. Go karting here is great for a laugh with your friends but don’t expect too much racing potential. Karts leave the starting line only two at a time, with quite a gap between the remaining ones. The brakes aren’t the best, and some karts are faster than others. Plus, frustratingly, officials can stop your kart by remote control if they think you’re being overzealous. Find out more information in this comprehensive review of Hakone go karting track or find out how to beat your friends in this definitive racing guide to the Hakone go karting track. Hakone Go Karting track is open daily from morning until night. Phone 22 2579 7373 . Check out a video of the Hakone track here.

2. Paintball

Headrush Paintball, Powai.
Headrush Paintball, Central Avenue, Powai.

Fancy stalking you friends in camouflage gear and shooting them with balls of paint? Headrush Paintball is the place! Opened in mid 2009, it’s located at the Hakone complex on Central Avenue in Hiranandani Gardens. Impressively, it has the largest total area, of 10,000 feet, in Mumbai. The arena theme is Urban War, with additions such as waist high stone walls, ground elevations, vantage sniper points, and dry hay flooring. The cost depends on group size and the number of shots that you want. It ranges from 250 per person for 25 paintballs, up to 600 rupees per person for 100 paintballs. Phone 1800-120-9091 OR visit the Headrush website for more information.

3. Zorbing

Zorbing, Powai.
Zorbing, Hakone Complex, Central Avenue, Powai.

If the idea of rolling around in a massive transparent plastic ball appeals to you, you might want to try zorbing. The zorbing experience at the Hakone complex in Hiranandani Gardens is a lot less thrilling than how it was originally conceived in New Zealand, but it’s still an unusual experience! In New Zealand it’s done rolling down hills in the countryside. At Hakone it’s done rolling down the gentle 50 meter slope at the entertainment complex’s entrance. So, don’t be alarmed if you see a giant ball rolling your way! Two people can be in the ball at a time, at a cost of 100 rupees per person. Phone 9819177907, 9096554899 or visit their website for more information.

4. Ten Pin Bowling

Ten pin bowling.
Ten Pin Bowling at R-City Mall, Powai.

There’s a ten pin bowling alley at the Jammin Entertainment Centre, located on the third floor of R-City Mall, 5 minutes away in neighbouring Ghatkopar. It’s only got four lanes. However, it’s fully computerized and has automated loading of the pins. For more information check out the Jammin Entertainment website. Hakone in Hiranandani Gardens used to have a bowling alley as well, but it’s now closed.


5. Mini Golf

Mini Golf.
Mini Golf, Hakone Complex, Central Avenue, Powai.

You don’t need to be an expert golfer to play mini golf, which is another popular family activity. You’ll find a 11 hole outdoor mini golf course at the Hakone complex. It’s got different challenges and obstacles to test your skill level. Visit the Hakone website for more information.