The bar scene in Powai is growing and there are now a number of bars in Powai, catering to everyone from romantic couples to the after-work office crowd.

Each bar has its own special appeal, so you’ll find that the best venue depends on the kind of night out you wish to have. There’s everything from refined bars where live music is played, to dimly lit all night smoking dens.

Here are the 5 best bars in Powai.

1. Aura

Aura bar, Rodas Ecotel, Powai.Aura bar, Rodas Ecotel, Powai. Copyright Sharell Cook.

Part of the Rodas Ecotel Hotel, one of the top 5 hotels in Powai, Aura is an attractive venue to take someone special. The lighting is warm and low, there are cozy booths along the back wall, and couches as well. Just don’t get distracted by the massive ceiling to floor TV screen! The drinks menu is novel and a little bit wicked. Divided into “Devil’s” and “God’s” bar, choose from cocktails such as “Resurrection” or “Gates of Hell”, depending on whether you’re feeling naughty or nice! Expect to pay 250-300 rupees for cocktails, and 150 rupees for domestic vodka/whiskey. Phone +91 22 6693 6969 or see their website for events such as karaoke and DJs.

2. Velvet Lounge

Velvet Lounge, Renaissance Hotel, Powai.
Velvet Lounge, Renaissance Hotel, Powai. Copyright Sharell Cook.

The Velvet Lounge is located in the Renaisannce Hotel, another of the top 5 hotels in Powai. There’s not as much velvet as you might expect inside, although the drinks menu makes up for it with its seductive “Ask the Barman for Something Velvet” cocktail items. On Saturday nights, Velvet Lounge stays open until 2.45 a.m. and its dancefloor is the most happening place in Powai. The crowd is a mix of foreigners and desis, and the DJ plays a mix of Bollywood and commercial. Cocktails cost from 450 rupees, including tax. The cheapest domestic vodka and whiskey is 300 rupees. Free entry for couples and females. Phone +91 22 6692 7576‎.

3. Clove Bar

Clove Bar, Powai.
Clove Bar, Powai. Copyright Sharell Cook.

Clove Bar is the kind of place that’s good for after work drinks. With seating for 50 people, it’s small and intimate. There are a couple of TV screens, music, and regular happy hours (with the emphasis on hours!) that last into the night. Even without any special offers, the prices are reasonable enough. Domestic whiskey/vodka costs 135 rupees, 250 rupees for a classic cocktail, and 450 rupees for a champagne cocktail. Shooters are 300 rupees. Food is available as well. Find Clove Bar next to Saffron Spice, opposite Powai Plaza, Central Avenue in Hiranandani Gardens. Phone +91 22 6699 0088 or visit their website.

4. Rude Lounge

Rude Lounge, Powai.
Rude Lounge, Powai. Copyright Sharell Cook.

If you haven’t been to Rude Lounge, you might wonder about its name. However, a look inside explains all. The side wall is completely covered in writing, some of it particularly rude! The interior has an industrial kind of feel. Silver springs and barbed wire are suspended from the roof and there’s graffiti “rude dude” on the back wall. It’s no surprise to hear hip hop. Rude Lounge is obviously a popular place to drink with friends. Beer towers, vodka shots, and flaming shooters are all common sights. Cocktails start from only 210 rupees. Fortunately, the bar provides a late night driver service. It’s located opposite Powai Lake on Adi Shankaracharya Marg. Phone: +91 22 2570 3388.

5. A-Bar

A Bar, Renaissance Hotel, Powai.
A Bar, Renaissance Hotel, Powai. Copyright Sharell Cook.”

If you’re looking for a stylish environment, top shelf spirits and wine, and live music, then A-Bar meets the criteria for indulgence. Make sure money isn’t a factor though, because this bar will burn a hole in your pocket. But hey, it IS located in Powai’s 5-star Renaissance Hotel. The cocktail list is concise but creative, with all items priced at 500 rupees plus tax. The notorious Long Island Iced Tea may very well have met its match in the Bull Frog served at A-Bar (pictured top right) — this mix of white spirits and red bull is a deceptively pretty green colour but has plenty of leap! Phone +91 22 6692 7570.

And Then There’s….. Kasbah

Kasbah, Powai.
Kasbah, Powai Plaza, Powai. Copyright Sharell Cook.

Essentially an all night smoking den, hookahs are the specialty at Kasbah and it’s wise not to come here unless you plan to partake — even the staff are doing so! The air is thick with smoke, and light is minimal. The drinks could possibly be the cheapest in Powai, but you get what you pay for especially where cocktails are concerned. You’d better be careful how you order too, because the cocktail list doesn’t distinguish between cocktails and shooters. It’s easy to end up with the latter. Cocktails/shooters are 150-200 rupees. Smirnoff vodka is 99 rupees. Hookahs are 300 rupees. Located on the first floor of Powai Plaza. Phone +91 22 3210 9128.