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Were you born with a sweet tooth? Or did you bounce into it sometime in the course of growing up, growing old? In my case, I got ‘bit’ by it during my pregnancy. Don’t remember being too crazy about sweets before that. And, it stayed. In a big big way. And hence the need for this blog – the best dessert options in Powai.

Up until a few years ago, Powai didn’t have many dessert options. The landscape has changed drastically now though, and you have some extremely delectable options to choose from. Here is a list of our favourite 3. This, remember, is not a ranking. They are the BEST in their own dessert domains.

Sweet Bengal in Galleria, Powai: Bengali sweets, and Sweet Bengal is the King in Mumbai. Loyal patrons throng their stores throughout the year for Shondesh, Jol bhora, Kheer Kodombo, Roshogolla, Mishti Doi, Chomchom. And wait eagerly for their seasonal creations such as Patishapta, Malpua, Gokul Pithe. We die for their Radha-Bollobhi-Alur Torkari (Pea-stuffed puris served with Potato Gravy), Shingara (Samosa) and Chop too. And hence, the standard practise is to eat the savouries first and then chose the sweets. All over the counters, mind you. Bengalis are known to first eat their fill at the sweet-shops and then carry back a box full for the house!! And thankfully, Sweet Bengal has kept alive that tradition. Reasonably priced, Sweet Bengali is the BEST for Bengali sweets in Powai, and in other parts of Mumbai too.


Theobroma in Powai: What Sweet Bengal is for Bengali sweets, Theobroma is for Brownies, Blondies, Cakes, Pastries, Mousses, Pies, Tarts — no two thoughts about it!!! Located in the heart of the Hiranandani Gardens, their Powai outlet opens early enough for breakfast and closes post your dinner dessert timings. Again, the perfect place to indulge your sweet tooth with some absolutely fantastic Pastries, Brownies and Tarts. Here too you can choose from a good spread of savouries such as Pies, Croissants, Sandwiches. In every way, the place for your ‘salt’ and sweet tooth!


Naturals Ice-Cream in Powai: When you are talking about desserts, how can you not talk about ice-creams? Well, its Naturals sincere flavours that take your heart when craving for the good ole ice-cream in Powai. Allright, there’s stiff competition from the other companies, but Naturals Ice-Cream in Mumbai has a legacy to protect and boy, do they protect it well! Now that it is summers, you can find patrons thronging their humble little outlet well into midnight, licking away the all-time favourite Tender Coconut and Alphonso flavours. Their Sita-Phal, Watermelon, Chikoo flavours are awesome too. And at immensely reasonable prices, Naturals Ice-Cream parlours stay an all-time favourite.

Which are you favourite dessert options? Tell us about them!