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Acquist London Realty Connect – Fulfilling The London Dream

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Acquist London Realty Connect - Fulfilling The London Dream

Hey! Does living in London excite you? OR is it your dream of owning a villa in London by the river Thames? Well such dreams and fantasies get over thrown by the reality, the time constraints, the affordability, lack of awareness of the regulations in their realty sector or simply put the lack of resources.

What if I say that you can invest or own a property by a reputed developer in London, without going to the city by just doing a small down payment, “Zero” hassle and simple paperwork!

Did I grab your ATTENTION? Read ahead to know about the properties which pay for themselves while you munch over your English muffins and sip a hot cup of tea.

Acquist Realty is a consultancy firm and known and recommended by the top developers in India, within a short period of 3 years this startup has made a huge impact in the realty consultation sector. The brand is revered and quoted amongst the crowd of prospects and developers alike of being the most trustworthy and creating a thrust in the sales of a project. After catering to the domestic crowds from cites like Mumbai, Pune, Goa, Delhi, Bangalore & Kolkata they ventured overseas to cater to the NRIs giving them a connect back to their mother land and presenting them a service which acted as an extended hand for the prospects overseas.

London Realty Connect-How it all began?

In the very Process the Founder & CEO of Acquist Realty Mr. Sanjay Guha during one of his NRI consultation visits in London got a chance to meet few UK developers who were looking to venture into the Indian market, having known the latent potential in the proposition Acquist Realty tied up with the top 2 developers of the UK which are Galliard Homes & The Berkeley Group. This marked the inception of Acquist LRC or Acquist London Realty Connect, a subsidiary of Acquist who acts as an interface between the developers in London and the potential investors in India.

With this being said Acquist realty is now Present in India | Singapore | London.

owning a villa in London

Clearing the fuss of international investments especially London

Times have changed and in this day and age Indian investors are going savvy and well informed about new asset classes to invest & It is also quite apparent that many countries have their own policies of foreign investments few have quite open and liberal processes and few quite stringent or are completely opaque to the concept and UK is no different; UK always maintained a low key semi permeable gateway for foreign investments which resulted in less knowledge in the foreign investors on the opportunities of investments in the country. To be honest London has always been close to the people in India, Given our history there is a natural connect with the geography and the English language, the culture. It’s all known yet under explored and under represented. It is there where Acquist LRC plays a vital role and bridges the gap and educates the investors about the market trends, Laws and practices.

So is it safe to invest now or do I wait for the final verdict on BREXIT?

You must have read the story of two cats and the monkey where the cats fight on a piece of cake and the monkey moves fast and siphons off that piece of cake. Well if you didn’t, that was the story in brief.

Please note not ill-painting or mocking the situation in any way but what I intend to say is that currently in the moment of uncertainty the market is permeable & affordable to the investors form countries like ours, with the recent all time low of the Sterling pound and the slow increase in the rate of the currency we are a little stronger. So it’s the ideal time to invest in the country as post the BREXIT verdict the conditions might or might not be so open.

Yes all this is fine! But what’s in it for me? Why do I invest in London?

I can give you not one but 7 quick reasons to invest in London,

  1. Prices are attractive – INR 2.5Cr onwards only
  2. Rental Yields @ 4 – 6 %
  3. Steady appreciation @ 5 – 6 % Year on Year
  4. Historically London has doubled in property prices every 7 years.
  5. Mortgage is available for buying these houses yielding to a lower down payment. The Interest only payment plan acts as a cherry on top.
  6. Investment and eventual rental income is in Pounds, Pound currently is 15.4% undervalued and will get stronger in the coming years.
  7. London is one or the MOST safe and stable investment zone with very good regulatory framework safeguarding investments.

Ok but I don’t know where to invest and isn’t the application process a bit daunting?

RELAX! It’s already been taken care of……….remember LRC – London Realty Connect??

They are the one stop shop who can enable you with plethora of curated options suiting to your needs and appetite. With over 200+ projects ranging from Zone 1 to Zone 6 and beyond and of price points from as low as INR 2.5Cr to INR 40-50Cr and above, you name it they have it. They also have tied up with various finance companies and solicitors who can help you with various financial help and paperwork.

SO how does the buying process work?

It’s quite simple actually the Acquist LRC team gets in touch with you and understands your outlook and requirements they then get back with a couple of options for you and once you like a project you get introduced with the developers sitting abroad directly, creating a transparency in the process, post which you get a detailed information on the project and the configurations available and the price points of the same.

Once you are sure of locking a project and an apartment/villa of your desired configuration you enter into the next phase where you are given an option of choosing your own solicitor or you can go with the ones they offer, you are then asked to present an EOI or Expression of Interest which is used to book that very apartment/villa which you liked, post that the process differs from buyer to buyer.

Broadly If I dare try and categorize the scenarios then I can classify them in the below mentioned but before that we need to keep a note of the LRS or Liberalized Remittance Scheme, basically it’s a scheme under which you can transfer money overseas (mainly UK & US) but under this scheme there is a yearly cap which is administered in every fiscal year per individual, the cap is of USD $ 250,000. So this means if you have remitted the entire amount within a year then you have reached your sanctioned limit and will not be allowed to do any transactions in the remaining of that year. On the other hand there is no limit of number of transactions in a fiscal year as long as it’s within your sanctioned limit. Now with that in mind let’s go to the scenarios mentioned below

  1. You like the property and have the ability and the bandwidth of purchasing the property all through your savings, the solution to that can be either you breakdown your payment scheme for the property and spread it out across a sum of years then you can invest properly but this method will only make sense if the property is under construction. If it’s a ready to move in kind or possession within a year types then the LRS may bother you but there are some solutions to this problem and Acquist LRC can help you with that.
  2. You like the property and have the ability and the bandwidth of purchasing the property but choose to use a part of your saving and the rest can get financed from the UK finance companies.
  3. You like the property but have limited savings in this case too you can avail for a mortgage from the finance companies based in the UK.
  4. You can also jointly own a property so then the total limit goes up and then again fall back in the above 3 scenarios.

Well then, you now know how you can buy your dream property in London and how Acquist London Realty Connect is bringing you these plethora of options and ease of transactions. So why wait you can go check out their website on www.londonrealtyconnect.uk and get in touch with them by simply filling out the contact form on their website or you can leave a message on their FB page www.facebook.com/londonrealtyconnect.

To add to this story the founder was recently quoted in The Economic Times do check out the article at https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/industry/services/property-/-cstruction/in-brexit-chaos-rich-indians-pick-sweet-deals-in-uks-realty-market/articleshow/67844218.cms

With this I would like to leave you with a quote by Susan Lynn “Suze” Orman a famous Financial Advisor and Author

“Owning a home is a keystone of wealth… both financial affluence and emotional security”.


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