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Paranjpe agrees to shift Maruti Mandir on 14th December

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The court had told the Builder and the owner of the temple to decide the fate of the temple. The most important stake holder who weren't part of this decision are the people (devotee's).
Mr. Paranjpe had a change of heart overnight and has reached an agreement on moving the temple to Ram Mandir. Why Paranjpe had a change of heart no one will know. I don't have a statement from him.

If someone owns a piece of land which is a public space (by being a temple) who has more rights to the place? The Public or the Private owner?

Consider the facts

  1. The temple was established in 1925
  2. The 7-12 (saath bara) of the tempe is dated 1961/62.
  3. Lacs of people can vouch that the temple is standing there since their childhood.
  4. It is also proved that lacs of devotees consider it a jagrut place.

It is very clear that the devotees are at a loss as here. I wish there was a system for the devotees to have a say in this dispute between MMRDA-OWNER OF TEMPLE-BUILDER.

The Winners in this case are

  1. Builder gets OC and completion certificate for his building.
  2. Paranjpe the owner of the temple already has got his 2 flats.
  3. The building residents whose flats will now be more valuable. 

The Losers

  1. Lacs of devotees because they have not been made party in a case which will affect them. 

A source informed me the owner is going to move the temple on 14th. Otherwise the BMC would be doing their due diligence on 15 or 16th of December. Also I got a whatsapp of a protest to be held on 14th December Thursday.

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