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Mumbai Meditation – How to throw away the mind and become Universe mind  

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Learn the method how to throw away the false mind and find your true self

Meditation isn’t only about deep breathing exercises but also about discarding negativity and stress from your mind. One of the latest methods of meditation that is doing the rounds in Mumbai is this throwing away method. 

This method involves self-examination to find and throw away the roots of wandering thoughts. If you hold back and suppress, the same negative thoughts rise again and again. However, through throwing away by meditation, it is possible to remove them completely and allow fundamental change in your mind.

Keen to try this method? Choose a day and attend for the daily free introductory seminar organized by Mumbai Meditation Centre at Vikhroli West, near Powai. 

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The introductory seminar is everyday 1pm and 6pm from Monday to Sunday.

Each session lasts for an hour and you can reserve your seat for any one of the sessions.

At the Introductory session, the center will introduce the participants in the seminar about a simple step-by-step process that will provide you with the ability to reflect and expand on yourself and expand your consciousness by discarding negative thoughts, anxiety, judgment, selfishness and depression. By throwing away, you can recover to the true self which is the universe, and become the mind and body of the universe. And reach human completion.  

Date : Everyday. Can choose any day among Monday to Sunday
Time: 1 pm, and 6 pm (you can reserve a seat for any of the sessions)
At: 1109 A-Wing, Kailas Business Park, Park Site, Hiranandani Link Road, Vikhroli West, Mumai 400079
Call: 7715814705
RSVP: mumbaimeditation@gmail.com

Website: www.mumbaimeditation.org
Free Entry for introductory seminar


Try it yourself

Step 1 Close your eyes and bring up an apple.

Step 2 Doesn’t the apple appear like a photograph?

Step 3 Mentally, throw away that apple into a trash can In that moment, the picture of the ‘apple’ in your mind disappeared. Likewise, the principle behind this meditation method is easy and simple. The method systematically helps you find the countless thoughts stored inside you and throw them away one by one.

*Information courtesy Mumbai Meditation Centre

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