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Adhya – Sowing the “Seeds of Change”

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The event Adhya that took place on 17th March, 2013 at Galleria Mall, Powai organized byadhya Karishma Sharma & supported by Shivani Thakkar was a huge success. The event started with the blessings of Lord Ganesha, followed by Interactive Sessions by Arpan (With parents of young children helping them understand all aspects of Child Molestation) , Beenal Gangar (With children…Teaching them about good touch & Bad touch) , Sunita Bhuyan (One billion rising) , HarrishIyer (Child Molestation) , Majlis (Women’s rights)  & Jason Temasfieldt(We the people foundation against sexual harassment). Along with the sessions we had a lot of performing arts by Adhya volunteers, Revolutionaries from Kranti & a street play which took everyone on an emotional ride!

We also had a NGO Market where NGOs like Mimaansa with the support of The Bake Collectives, Kranti, Majlis, Urmi with the support of Locopoco, We the people foundation & MBA GODS Foundation had their stalls and sold stuff the profits of which went to the cause of the NGOs.

The event received a positive response overall and was supported by many people.


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“We are overwhelmed by the response & the feedbacks that we have received. We are very glad that our hard work paid off. Out of so many people who attended we can influence even half, we will consider that the initiative was successful because winds of change have started blowing and this is the need of the hour.”[/quote]

said Karishma Sharma, Initiater & organizer of the event

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People talk

“Being a part of Adhya was extremely motivating and overwhelming at the same time for mimaansa, an extraordinary initiative started by a young mind bringing together social organizations is an exemplary thought and Karishma, Shivani&their team very ably handled the event! Power of youth today if clicked… Would look exactly like this!” – Poojaa Joshi ( Owner of Mimaansa)

“Discussions are the seed for change. Adhya stood as the crucible of change by facilitating the discussions. The responsibility of change is but a collective.” _ HarrishIyer (Social Activist)

“I really like the efforts taken by Adhya...the fire of awareness is spreading...it was well organised and polished show...India really needs youth like Karishma..am really impressed… u rocked the show” – AnjuKohli (Social Activist, Neev Foundation)

“I was very happy to see the awareness event organised by Adhya that day in Powai. It just didn't talk about laws and what the government should do but there were sessions by young counsellors on the scope of sexual harassment as well as how we can protect our young kids and very young women against sexual abuse. What touched my heart was the fact the organisers were all young and felt deeply for raising awareness against violence and abuse. Was refreshing to see a young group take ownership to educate than just take cudgels against the law and government"- Sunita Bhuyan (Violinist, A part of One Billion Rising)

“Adhya! An empowering illustration of some of the concrete ways in which our nation can take action to implement women & children’s safety! It truly showed the best strategies to multiply positive effects that women’s & children’s empowerment has on a nations performance & revitalization of the local communities.

It was great to see experts from various fields share their knowledge & expertise through Adhya! I hope that such events translate into reality & add value to create a strong underlining for our women & children!” – Vandita Singh, Image Consultant (TIA The Image Academy)

“It was very interactive & informative session, I personally enjoyed it. Looking at the current scenario it is very very important that people take up initiatives like Adhya all over the country… I wish them luck & also wish them that they keep moving strongly!” –Anshul Khandelwal

“The initiative & the idea of coming up with an event like Adhya is commendable and the way it was organized served its very purpose og creating awareness in a vibrant effective manner and so I congratulate the entire team. It was a pleasure to be a part of Adhya and hope we do many such activities together in coming future. All my wishes & support to the entire team of Adhya” – Jason Temasfieldt (Founder of We the people foundation)  [/box]

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    Team of Adhya

    January 24, 2015 at 6:01 pm

    Hey, I am one of the street play actor who performed for the Adhya foundation on March 2013. I, on behalf of all the street play actors, want to share our experience with you all. We used to come 2 hours prior our college timings for the practice of the street play and sometimes 1 or 2 hours after the College time. We used to work hard and give our best for the act. We were not allowed for this act but we fought and explained our parents and teachers to allow us for giving a hand in this social cause. We did plays for the same twice at Galleria, once near Dominoz Hiranandani, once near Aromas, once at Haiko mall, once at D Mart, Hiranandani. We gave our best and was quite successful in giving message to the people through our act. Which was anyways an achievement for the team and brought smile to our faces. I just wanted to confess that whatever was did don’t you all think was worthy? Do you feel that the Freeze mob dance performance was as good a messenger to the people than our act. If you think so I request you to watch the videos one more time. If you think that we did hard work so I please request you to upload our video as well in you tube so that we also feel that we got some thing from the foundation for our work. Please do think about it. Because if this foundation is working, it is because of the team and not only two person (i.e. Karishma Sharma or Shivani Thakker. Thank You.


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