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Up to 60-70% off on More than 100 Luxurious Designer Perfume Brands in Powai and Hiranandani at your doorsteps.

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In today’s world perfumes/Fragrances play an important part in reflecting one’s mood and personality. Perfumes are instantly and mostly unconsciously connected to emotions, mood and very importantly, memories.

Your perfume is something that identifies you to others always to the point where their trail is in memory of the people around you and then smells it elsewhere and brings fond memories of you or your loved ones.

Pick a perfume based on your mood, time of the day or to highlight a personality characteristic. It is social networking at its subtlest! Each fragrance from Polo to Provocative Woman to Romance makes a statement about who you are.

Everybody has become very fashion conscious and are very value oriented when it comes to purchasing luxurious brands especially Fragrances/Perfumes

Sometimes it becomes very difficult to buy these as they tend to be heavy on one’s wallet .

[quote]PerfumeAddicts makes that dream come true by providing Original branded Designer Perfumes/Fragrances up to 60-70% off as compared to high street retail stores.It has more than 112 brands under its umbrella. Davidoff, Versace,Azzaro,Georgio Armani,Calvin Klein,BVLGARI,Dolce & Gabbana,Chanel,Lacoste,Burberry,Ralph Lauren,Issey Miyake,Nina Ricci,Hugo Boss, Gucci,Paco Rabanne, Givenchy,Elizabeth Arden,Guess,Kenzo,Tommy Hilfiger, Dunhill, and many more luxurious brands are available under PerfumeAddicts.[/quot

Good news for the residents of Powai and Hiranandani. PerfumeAddicts will deliver perfumes at your doorstep.

For Enquiry & Order Contact : Kalrav R. Kapadia, Facebook : PerfumeAddicts, Twitter: @KalravKapadia, Email: kalravrkapadia@gmail.com ,Cell: 9773027279

Why buy from PerfumeAddicts - When you buy perfumes from malls, or anywhere from the high street, you are paying for the high overheads of the store.
Unlike the malls, we believe in offering great value up front and not hiding high additional costs at the end of the process. So
if you're looking for the best value designer perfumes, look no further, we're proven to be the best value

Note: At PerfumeAddicts we have a commitment to quality products and authenticity. We guarantee that all products in our portfolio are original designer fragrances

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    Atul Shah

    February 11, 2012 at 1:36 pm

    I never use to buy original perfume earlier, because when I go
    to market it cost Rs. 5000, Rs. 6000 & more… When I came to know same thing
    I am getting at lower price around 60%-70% off against market price then why
    not to try.

    And see today I am really Addicted to Original Perfumes just
    because of perfume addicts!!! 100 % Trust, 100% Original quality!!! What we
    want more???


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