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System Error or gross negligence in Billing at DMART Hiranandani outlet.

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This incident happened on Saturday at D'mart hiranandani gardens, Powai around 5pm. I would like to bring to the kind notice to all the customers who shop frequently at this supermarket and get 'CHEATED'.

I bought 2 mapro products along with other groceries. Usually just out of curiousity, i check how much have i saved by shopping here, but yesterday i had a doubt about the price i paid for the mapro products. Both 'LIME JUICE' cordial and "LIMBU TIMBU' had MRP of Rs.90 and i was billed Rs.97. D'mart as it claims to give 2% discount (sans baby produts) on all its product,how can it charge me more than the MRP. The difference amount was being refunded stating that it was a 'system error'. but imagine how many mapro products were sold yesterday and the profit they made by just stating it was a 'system error'.

The store manager was trying to evade the topic by saying 'SORRY', however he refused to give an apology letter stating so. There was another lady who had similar problem not once but thrice and stood with me as a support. Police was called but in vain. The store manager was adament and did not give any letter, there were other customers who have faced similar problems with the store but their grievances have never been attended.
[quote]Requesting all customers who are frequent to this store to be aware of this incident.Please be alert while billing your product. I would like to thank Ms.Avleen Kohli for her immense support yesterday.[/quote] [box type="info"]

This message was sent to me by one of my Facebook friend Sharimistha Bhattacharya.

Image credit: Sharell Cook.



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    November 23, 2011 at 6:11 pm

    Haiko, too, is following the trend well. I bought a packet of Pasta that was originally priced at Rs 115, and after discount, it was to cost Rs 75. Co-incidently, i checked the bill after returning home to find that i’d paid the non-discounted price.

    However, upon speaking with the supermarket staff, it was promised that the extra money charged shall be returned by sending their staff boy to our home the next day. It’s been three days and there has been absolutely no response!


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