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Red Olives: Fine Dining Fusion Restaurant in Powai

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On entering Red Olives there is one thing that strikes you above everything else, that Red Olives is the epitome of Class. A quintessential Multi Cuisine Restaurant Red Olives satisfies the taste buds of all the diehard Indian, Chinese, Thai, Coastal and Tandoori food lovers.

Red Olives distinguishes itself as the only fine dining multi cuisine restaurant in Powai.  It’s immediately apparent that it’s not your typical restaurant. The ambiance is striking. Warm lighting, deep wooden tones, and privacy curtains give it elegance and class. The artwork, featuring a golden profile of the Buddha and contemporary Natraj on opposite walls, hints of the restaurant’s eclectic nature.The usual large screen TV is conspicuously absent, and quite frankly, it’s a relief. Red Olives is a place where you can relax in a peaceful environment, talk, and enjoy each other’s company. There’s also a private dining room that can seat up to 22 people, in case of larger groups.

A quintessential Multi Cuisine Restaurant, Red Olives satisfies the tastebuds of all the diehard Indian, Chinese, Thai, Coastal and Tandoori food lovers. The restaurant’s owners believe that by consistently serving high quality food, with sublime variations in preparations is what will put Red Olives amongst the elite restaurants in the city. After dining there, I do believe they’re on the right track to achieving this.


Red Olives interior

Looking at the menu, it quickly becomes obvious that making a decision about what to order isn’t going to be easy. Everything is tempting. And there’s so much variety, you could return to Red Olives many times and not be bored.

My dining companions and I started with the Bombay Duck – contrary to its name not duck but a slender fish, mildly marinated, rolled in rice flour, and deep friend Malwani style. It arrived attractively presented on a complementary fish shaped platter. Pleasingly, it was crispy and absent of oil.

Bombay Duck.
Clams Kotimber

We followed it up with Clams Kotimber – clams cooked in typical Malwani style with coriander leaf paste. The coriander leaf paste gave the clams a delightfully zesty taste.

Next, we tried the paneer in barbeque sauce. I must admit that I normally avoid paneer, having had too many rubbery and tasteless experiences. However, this paneer was a welcome surprise and definitely rates amongst the best I’ve ever eaten. The texture was superb, and the flavour perfectly enhanced by the barbeque sauce.

You’ll discover that many of the dishes at Red Olive are inspired by the cuisine of the Nawabs of India, with a Hyderabadi and Lucknowi regional focus. The Shaan-e-Darbar was a treat – chicken subtlety stuffed with minced chicken meat and cheese, marinated, and charcoal grilled. It arrived at our table on skewers, piping hot and steaming aromatically. The meat was succulent and juicy.


What really impressed me though was the Stuffed Whole Pomfret – a substantially sized fish stuffed with special Goan red or green sweet and sour masala, and shallow fried. The stuffing was unusually hearty and included chopped prawns. It was spicy, but not overly so. For me, this was the standout dish.

Whole Stuffed Pomfret

The whole Crab Tandoori was another coastal highlight, with options of saffron, mint, lalmirch, kalimiri, or malai masala.

Crab Tandoori.

After sampling all these items, I was really too content to truly appreciate the lamb when it was served. The lamb dishes were diverse: Shredded Lamb in Red and Green Peppers, Nalli-ka-Korma (bone marrow curry made with exotic Indian herbs and spices, which is a delicacy of Hyderabad) and (lamb ribs cooked with tangy sauce and oriental taste from the British rulers).

Then there was the Chicken Stew – cubes of chicken cooked in milk and flavoured mildly with whole spices. It was accompanied by some very tender south Indian coastal breads. And afterwards, topped off with chocolate brownie and ice cream.

You may be wondering how it’s possible for Red Olives to serve such a variety of cuisine while at the same time maintaining authenticity. The answer is that there’s a separate chef for each specialty, as well as an executive chef with international experience to oversee the whole kitchen.

Lamb Chop Rogini.
[quote]A quick chat with the chef indicated how much emphasis is placed on serving healthy and hygienic food. He proudly informed me that there’s no MSG or food colouring used in the cooking. Furthermore, everything is freshly prepared in-house, including the batter for the breads. A quick peek into the kitchen revealed it to be reassuringly clean.[/quote]
Chicken Stew with Coastal Breads.

Another thing that caught my eye were the female waiters, who were also working behind the bar serving drinks. There aren’t many restaurants in India where women feel comfortable doing this, which confirms Red Olives to be a progressive, world class establishment.

The food, service, and environment at Red Olives are all easily on par with that of luxury hotel. The appealing thing though, is that you can enjoy it without the expense. Starters are priced at around 200 rupees, while most main meals cost between 250 and 500 rupees. A glass of wine or a cocktail will set you back 350 rupees. This makes Red Olives excellent value for money.

There’s a lunch buffet as well, for corporates during the week (395 rupees per person) and families on the weekends (495 rupees per person). Something different from each specialty is offered every weekend, including popular favourites such as pav bhaji, misal pav, fish curry, and prawn curry. You’re guaranteed to leave feeling satisfied, especially if you’re a seafood lover!

[box]Red Olives is open daily from midday to 3.30 p.m and 7 p.m. until 11.30 p.m. It’s located on Central Avenue, Hiranandani Gardens (next to Axis Bank and opposite Subway).[/box]

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