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Lake Superior By Ekta world- Opulence Undenied

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Powai-ites like to live it up, and when it comes to luxury and opulence, and there are many buildings in Powai, which can give you that kind of lifestyle, But I doubt there is any one which can beat Lake Superior for making you feel like “you have arrived”  for as little as 9 crore of Indian money.

Lake Superior  delivers the utmost in luxury, whether it be coming to your floor while sitting in your car, Spread over 22 stories with palatial 4 & 5 bedroom apartments on each floor,  It has personal terrace garden you can walk into once you step out of your living room with the water front view. After a busy day at work, you can relax at the exclusive swimming pool with sit-outs, or work out at the state of the art health club that offers world class equipments. Content source : http://www.lakehomespowai.com/building_lakesuperior.html


Lets run this over again : (source Ahmed)

  • ‎ Car parking space right next to your (literally right next to your home),
  • Personal garden,
  • 2 Vehicle elevators and 4 person elevators (which opens up right inside your house),
  • Centralised AC and Vacuum cleaning system in whole building (…don’t know how that works).

A few more opinions (Comments sourced form our Facebook discussion forum: http://goo.gl/uPncr)

  • Ahmed Choudhary a resident of Powai says that “Real estate market is a very lucrative investment option and this is a ‘superior’ example, I heard lake superior flats debuted with a price tag of 3.8 Cr each three-four years ago and were almost sold out right then, So if it…s 9 Cr now it means they have more than doubled in price in just a 4 year time period. For this reason many of the flats in there are gonna be un occupied since its bought for investment purpose rather than living in.
    What Ekta group …did wasn’t original by any definition (it had been done long back in US and Singapore) one cannot ignore that they did pack in some serious utility and enjoyable features under the hood like personal Garden and integrated Rooftop lounge, indoor Pool and gym… which I guess nobody else did that time but soon or later others will follow. As far as interior-technology goes, they are not much advanced on that front.Apart from that JFYI,What Lodha builds is nothing short of an iconic wonder, some of their apartments even have a private pool and personal elevators, also they are quite ahead in embracing technology like their apartments can be controlled from a mobilephone, even their electrical switches are touchscreen based. (feature overload)
    Nirav Gheewala says “‎lake superior has a lake it front of it which has almost dried up…so u can imagine the stink that you will get post monsoons…moreover once this lake dries up there will be another apartment that will come up right in front…..i am sure no one staying there is gona like anyone peeping in their home!!!”
  • Savita Govilkar says “This builder after making so much money by fleecing people ,making them pay for the amenities which either they don’t need or may even make them overweight, can at least build few SUlabh Shauchalayas for the slums around.I personally feel that car lift is waste of energy. Turning glass into foggy glass at touch of button is waste of enrgy. Why cant people get up and draw the curtains. Having conbvinient life style is one thing having lazy life style is another thing.”

  • Property Expert Speak
  • Ahmed what u call hi-tech is now standard accesories provided by developers in mumbai. 9 cr for a 5000 sft flat is just 20K psft so u can imagine the amenities in bldgs like beau monde by seth developers,kalpataru and ahuja projects in prabhadevi that are being sold at 65K psft. In ahuja tower even the glass windows can turn frosty at a touch of a button so I guess developers in powai still hav a long way to go.nothing exciting about the bldg or location, I rather buy a flat in somerset for the same price.  I rather see a bldg come up in front that see that dirty waterbody where the residents of the slum colonies come and dump their rubbish.the developer should hav taken some trouble to see that the water is as clean as shown on his exclusive brochures.

  • Elevator parking next to your house

    Pictures sourced from http://fourthdimensionsolutions.com/lakehomes/smaster.html

    Lake Superior
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    One Comment

    1. Avatar

      Pradhan Inder

      February 18, 2011 at 6:16 pm

      Well these joker builders must realise to reach this so-called heaven one has to drive through hell. Some good sense must be ingrained in their nuts to collaborate with the BMC to contribute part of their profits to do up the approach roads with improved lighting. The neighbouring IRB shows such initiative t repair and construct surrounding roads. In management jargon this is called ‘corporate social responsibility’ CSR. Supreme Ekta apparently paid Rs one crore to Prashant Sharma of GHP Builders to break the boundary wall near the Shiva temple to provide an entry to his upcoming complex in the beginning to sell his project. The idea was to show approach from the JVLR at the lake. Smart alec is only interested to make money. Unlike Hiranandani it can never provide the ultimate living experience. It is just another glorified chawl, so are the people buying it who have made stupid amount of money whichever way. However, the fact of the matter is some has to offer, the other is got the moolah to take it. It works by the laws of economics.


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