Home NEWS Elderly couple mugged by armed motorcycle youths at High street, Opp DMart, Hiranandani Gardens.

Elderly couple mugged by armed motorcycle youths at High street, Opp DMart, Hiranandani Gardens.

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On Friday 28th Jan around 11.15 am, an elderly couple who were heading to DMART to do their monthly grocery shopping were mugged by armed youths (bearing knives) on a motorcycle, who snatched the bag from the lady which contained Rs 5000 cash and important house and cupboard keys. I reached the incident within minutes of the incident and was witness to shaken elderly couple who were helpless and didnt know whether to react with anger or to be thankful to God, that they werent harmed by these armed youths. I also heard the Mr. Prakash Wadkar – Operation Manager, Hiranandani Commando Services that they tried to attack him also, and he was spared by a whiskers breath.

This kind of daring broad daylight bag snatching has led an outrage among Powai and hiranandani residents as there have been numerous similar incidents in the past.  Residents are left on tenterhooks and want this kind of incidents to stop and want to know what the authorities doing to see that these kind of incidents are not repeated again. Meanwhile the Hiranandani management seems geared to put up cameras in the area to monitor the area.

Below is a petition drafted by  Arpana Rawat who wants residents to sign it, so it can be presented to Powai Police station.  Click here to Sign the petition http://is.gd/v09mGG

Below are the few reactions of Powai community from Facebook.

Niha 明暗 Patil This has got to stop.

Exasperated crowd, just after the incident.

Yesterday at 11:38 ·

  • Arpana Rawat do we know if an FIR was filed? has the police been informed…we have to take this up strongly, Hiranandani cannot be another area where goons can roam around scott free…we have to keep our area safe…

    Yesterday at 11:44 ·
  • Nidhi Jalan Too much! Attacking a commando? Sorry state of law and order.

    Yesterday at 11:49
  • Pooja Shah Ashar its sad to know this…a similar incident happened to my brother about 2 yrs back on the lane adjacent to china valley and utsav hotel, 2 guys walking on the footpath asked my brother at knife point to give away any valuables he had…we filed an FIR with powai police station…but as expected nothing has been done so far 🙁

    Yesterday at 11:55
  • .
    Yesterday at 11:56 ·
  • Pramod Kumar Silly plp always do silly & foolish things…

    Yesterday at 11:58 ·
  • Yesterday at 12:25 ·
  • Raj Anjaria. Are Hi. Gardens Commandos armed? They have should have a Revolver.

    Yesterday at 12:42 ·
  • Anis Siddiqui ‎@ Raj: They are there to resolve minor issues like conflicts between people, Nuisance on the road and minor incidents… They are special task force hired by Hira… I don’t think the government will allow then to carry a weapon like that even though it would be for their self defense..

    Yesterday at 12:53 ·
  • Saurabh Srivastava excellent and quick reporting of community news. the commandos should be armed and have a vehicle too for quick response. they should be insured heavily to keep them motivated

    Yesterday at 13:08 ·
  • Yesterday at 13:17 ·
  • Yesterday at 14:38
  • Abhay KelSo Kshir I personally think that arms aren’t needed. The commandos should be very well trained.. how to dismantle an armed bloke, for eg.

    Yesterday at 14:40 ·
  • Yesterday at 14:46 ·
  • Ahmed Choudhary

    I think installing security cams and having a commondo on scout for atleast 14 hours a day in those areas (Dmart-Haiko-Galleria) wouldn’t be a bad idea (Dmart and Haiko can take care after those expenditures, after all they should care for …security of their customers) cause a lot of people there are on a shopping spree and ofcourse loaded in their purse’s.
    What good a Commondo with a Gun (except a few scares maybe) if he is not allowed to shoot and he sure wouldn’t be by any chance unless he is from some Federal law enforcement agency.See more
    Yesterday at 15:29 ·
  • Powai Info ‎@ahmed Hirananandani is well on its way to have security cameras, they would be operational soon. Now you have to think twice before picking your nose in powai!

    Yesterday at 15:44 · ·
  • Yesterday at 16:35
  • Ashish Jadhav ‎@MANOJ i guess we shud meet up for this…
    rather dan situation gettin worse we shud try to do sumthing for this

    23 hours ago ·
  • Powai Info ‎@ashish I dont beleive in reinventing the wheel there are many organisations in powai who are doing the same check this article and video where MLA/Minister Nassem Khan talks about problems of residents https://powai.info/2011/01/19/meeting-with-mla-naseem-khan-and-public-authorities/

    22 hours ago ·
  • Sunil Sharma

    manoj- very interesting clip. what was running through my mind is “lets get groups like these to meet together more often and approach the “right” person so that issues are heard and than implemented”. you hold the power of mass communicati…on for the hiranadani society at large- lets ensure these and other popular groups are “friends” to powai-info. suggestion on discussions within the powai-info group maybe (1) realize issues that are there or lurking in dark and waiting to put its hood up(like bpo companies to be aware that they operate in the background of a residential complex- so social behavior of their employees and service providers are to be looked into inhouse) (2) gain knowhow from these groups and group members with contacts on how to tackle them (3) create a corpus of likeminded, fair and decicated volunteers who are willing to take up these kind of social issues with the respective departments concerned(suggestions for volunteers or prospect volunteers within powai info would be awesome).
    But primally also sending a message that these are not issues that are or will be looked into and resolved by others who may be employed to look into just on their own steam-but by support and involvement by people who are directly effected by it- i.e.powai-ites at large.
    I know- another boring blah!blah! but lets catch up over a cuppa chah/drink to dwell into it some more. take careSee more
    20 hours ago ·
  • Sunil Sharma manoj- you are too good- cheers

    19 hours ago ·
  • Shaheen Bootwalla This is horrifying news, as ladies are always freely walking the streets of Powai, this is because we consider our home a safe zone. Thank you for sharing this as this will definitely make us more cautious, whether that will help when bikers gangs and gangsters are involved is doubtful. However, upping security and security cameras will help. but arming Commandos with weapons? Violence to counter violence.. that is not a sound solution to this or any issue.

    19 hours ago ·
  • Abhinav Rishi

    Just like how any society holds a meeting on a sunday. .even we should do that. All the members from the group can meet, share their views, experience, changes they have seen over the week and so on. And most importantly. . discuss solutio…ns to such problems.
    By this, we can get to know each other,a lot more. I think it would be better than just commenting online where no face to face conversations occurs. . it’s not that effective.
    It’s just a suggestion. You can repudiate it. But in the end. . all of us have to stand out and do some thing for our society. 🙂 🙂
    It would be better . . if we start doing it.
    God bless.See more
    9 hours ago ·
  • Arpana Rawat

    Folks, I just talked to Srinivas from JIM and he is happy that a lot more of us are concerned and ready to take some action..he proposed we put up a signature campaign and then go as a representation to Powai Police and register our concern… for safety in our neighbourhood…I will be drafting a note that I will post here..please let me know who all will volunteer to print the message and atleast get signatures from their own building…we can then put all of them together and a few of us can go and hand it over to Powai Police…any further suggestions are welcome..Manoj I may need your help in publishing the draft letter…See more
    7 hours ago ·
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      February 2, 2011 at 5:13 pm

      Dear All,

      I came to know from some source that, the snatchers have been caught by Hiranandani commandos and handed over to Powai Police Yesterday. We the residents of Hiranandani should ensure that, Powai police take proper action and not allow them to go scott free.


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