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Real Estate in and Around Powai

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Recently Powai.info received an email from a reader who’s concerned about the real estate situation in Powai, particularly the unavailability of property despite all the construction going on. He wonders whether there’s a need for an informational website to facilitate transparent real estate transactions. What are people’s opinions and experiences regarding real estate dealings in Powai?

He writes:

What’s with real estate in and around Powai?

I see a lot of construction activity in and around Powai, but whenever I ask Estate Agents it elicits the response that there is nothing available. I therefore think that we need a good site where all end users/sellers can post their availability/requirements and undertake quick transactions. This will bring the same transparency in real estate dealings as in stocks. Just wanted to check with a broader audience whether this is a good idea?

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    August 27, 2010 at 2:03 pm

    This is indeed a great idea. I am looking for a 1bhk on rent and brokers say there’s nothing available or watever is available the rent is sky high. Need a good platform to advertise and need to stop the spread of brokers. Also need to educate owners about this facility else its of no use. Would have to evaluate how the needy would get to have a look at the flat as in most of the cases owners do not stay nearby or cant come at all times to show the flat. So invariably there rises a need for the broker.


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