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Barriers at Firing Range will Protect Powai Residents

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With the police practicing targets, Powai residents living near the Ghatkopar firing range often had to duck for cover.

There had been instances of stray bullets ricocheting off targets within the range and hitting passers-by or entering nearby homes.

The peril will soon cease to exist. The police department is planning to install baffles (protective barrier) at the firing range, which will stop spent slugs from ricocheting off targets and hitting people.

“We have plans to install baffles at the Ghatkopar firing range to protect people from ricocheting bullets. The government has sanctioned Rs2.5crore to convert the range into a state-of-the-art facility. Work will begin soon, and the project is expected to be completed in a few months,” director general of police (DGP) D Sivanandhan said.

Another senior police officer said that there had been many instances of bullets ricocheting off targets and making their way into nearby residences. They had led to talks of shifting the
firing range.

“When the Ghatkopar firing range came into existence, there was very little development in the vicinity. But now, the area has developed immensely. Shifting the range elsewhere would have been difficult as there is not enough land in the city. So, it has been decided that baffles will be installed in the range for the safety of the residents,” the officer said.

article source: http://www.dnaindia.com/mumbai/report_barriers-at-firing-range-will-protect-powai-residents_1392808#

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