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Report on Childrens Workshop at Akshardham Temple Powai

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Children in and around Powai recently had a fun week at Akshardham Temple Complex in Powai, next to Dr. L H Hiranandani Hospital. The Children Summer Camp consisted of activities such as craft, dancing, singing, and acting along with Yoga for kids.

The temple organizes such events each summer for children. One of the temple administrators explained that the focus is on introducing today’s Gen-Next to Indian Spirituality and Culture, with the hope of inclining them towards fading Indian ethics and values.

The event commenced on Monday May 3, and ran every day for a week, from 10 a.m until 5 p.m. The event had children learning some Yoga Asanas and getting to interact with other children who had come to attend the camp. The resident’s response was over whelming, with nearly 100 children participating in the event. This shows the importance and need of induction of cultural values and ethics among the newer generation.

The camp also had children enjoying a one day trip to a Gorai Water Park, where they played and made most of the season in the hydrous environment. By the end of the day, the children were tired and left with happy smiling faces that reflected of the entire day’s fun minus the heat.

The major focus was to bring out the best amongst children with activities like dancing, singing and acting, and they surely did not miss out on any chance to surface their potential. Children were taught the importance of family, and the ethics and values that make the Indian culture so persuasive.

After the end of the week, parents were called in for a small in-house function where their children performed all the acts they learned in the week. As the closing ceremony coincided with Mother’s Day, the event was Mother-centric. The children who fared very well in dancing, acting, and crafts were awarded while others were given participation certificates from ISRC (International Spiritual Research Centre) along with a gift. The entire closing ceremony was broadcast live on kakaji.org courtesy ustream.tv under the banner of ISRC.

The parents acknowledging the event praised how they saw their children being inculcated with Indian beliefs and how the children have developed an interest in their culture. They also added that apart from the usual extracurricular and certain co curricular activities, such camps help to strengthen the bond among children and their wards. They also added that such camps are a great way to utilize children’s time, which they usually waste in their vacations doing nothing at all, but watch television and gain nothing.

The event was a success due to a number of good reasons. The facilities provided were praiseworthy. The children were served simple and pure vegetarian lunch and later in the day given juices and snacks for the evening. With the heat booming and mercury soaring daily it was definitely a tough time for the organizers and the managers to keep the comfort level under check but they still managed and fared well to comfy the attendants. The children were also allowed to get a power nap in the afternoon just to freshen them up.

Article submitted by Abhinav Chadha

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    Manav Kataria

    May 11, 2010 at 1:33 am

    I didn’t know we had an Akshardham temple here at Powai. Will visit it when I get a chance.


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