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My first Powai.info meetup

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photo-2 I’m no stranger to Powai. My best friend has been living here since ’93, so I have seen this township morph from a village in the Boondocks of Bombay to the most happening place in Mumbai- and dare I say, India, today. Come May and I too will be a proud resident of Lake Homes Powai. So when Manoj, editor and publisher of Powai.info, invited me to attend an informal meetup with friends and subscribers of his website at the newly opened Aromas Café, I eagerly accepted.


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The coffee at Aromas is fantastic, he said. I thought- what a nice way to acquaint myself with local residents and hopefully make new friends as I ease myself here after 6 years in Goa and a major part of my life spent on the other side of the tracks- Andheri West!

Within 5 minutes of waiting, Akshay Salunke walked in. Akshay lives in Rambaug. He grew up in Singapore and moved to India 3 yrs ago for higher education. He told me that he used to check out powai.info while in Singapore as he was planning to move here. A photography enthusiast with a keen sense of composition, Akshay showed us some beautiful pictures of Powai- the lake, Hiranadani Gardens, the malls, Lake Homes and many more that he has clicked. According to him, his friends back in Singapore are very envious because he stays in a beautiful place like Powai. Here’s hoping we see more wonderful pictures from him, and especially on this website. While we chatted, in walked Jagdish from IIT Powai, an M.tech in computer Science and a Bangalorean.

Jagdish told us that he used to run a website similar to Powai.info for Bangalore, except that it was way back while the Internet and websites in particular, were a new thing. A complete techie, he was interested in the design part of the website. Jagdish wanted to make new friends. He felt that Mumbaikars are a very busy lot and rarely make time to talk and connect.

photo-3 Ram Aswani was the last to walk in. A resident of Hiranandani Gardens, he is a man of many talents. A keen musician, he is currently hunting for musicians to put together a Fusion group. Akshay also plays the guitar; he was more than happy to pitch in. Soon the group was making plans to organise a musical evening to showcase local talent from Powai. Being a graphic designer, I agreed to design the advertising and promotional material. Ram is also involved in organising Summer Camps and workshops for kids, and he conducts corporate training seminars. He uses powai.info to advertise his camps and workshops. Ram says he is happy with the response he has got for his advertisements.

Each one of us was connected with Powai.info for varied reasons. Each one of us looked to it for reference, for information, entertainment or simply because this website takes great pride in being associated with Powai- just like us. And today we had an opportunity to connect with each other because of Powai.info. While I pondered over this, our coffees arrived. It was 6 pm! We had been chatting non stop for 2 hours! We promised each other to meet again, exchanging visiting cards and email ids. Let’s hope Manoj organises the next meetup soon!


Bina Nayak

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  1. I suppose, we missed some fantastic moments on the weekend. The meet review was very well penned…hope to attend the meet soon…I have been an integral part of Powai Pals group in Orkut and reminisce the meets we used to have for last 2 years…hope to catch up with you guys soon…and yeah…Aroma’s good in Coffee…n cookies are awesome!!!

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