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A Subdued New Year’s Eve Celebration in Powai… thanks to the Terrorists

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Terrorism is bad, we all know… but this year end, it unknowingly contributed to something beautiful. Parents and their teenaged children partying together for the first time in many years. School friends, society and colony friends, next door neighbours…partying together, when in the previous years it was considered ‘so not happening’ to be doing such a thing.

Every yearend the 5star hotels and even the piddliest restaurants make a killing by peddling some really lame entertainment programmes. Goodbye 2007, Welcome 2008… and people land up like cattle at a slaughterhouse. They have no choice. Society says you have to party on the last day. You have to be seen at the most happening venues- or you’re a nobody.

“ All the building folks got together and decided to organise a party on the terrace. No one wanted to party at 5 stars- it no longer safe.” Said a resident of one of the most posh localities in Powai. “I wouldn’t have been found dead at such a do…but times have changed, and I’d rather be in a safe and secure environment, among people I know- neighbours, friends…than be at a happening place and become a terrorists’ target.”

Said one very relieved mother-“I hadn’t seen my 22yr old son on 31st December since he turned 16. This year I did! He joined me and my husband at one of ‘Our’ parties! Just a small get together at my neighbour’s place.”

It’s a good trend in a recession year. Proof that most people, at least in Powai are getting sensible. This year, the Rodas Ecotel tried many gimmicks to get people to attend. ‘100 reasons why you like us’ a little booklet which listed inane reasons. All you needed to win a free pass was to conjure up another inane reason. No one was interested. Even the parties at Ramada and Renaissance went empty as people were receiving email invitations to attend way past midnight.

“Every year I usher in 1st Jan with my heart in my mouth…waiting for my kids to return home safe. Mehul is 24 and Meeta is 21 I know…but I worry if they are drinking too much, hanging out with the wrong people. Doing things they should not be doing… you hear all these horrible stories, and you don’t want it to happen to your children… and then all the drunken drivers on the street. Even if your kids are sober, some other jerk will not be…”

A relieved Mr Mehta did not have his heart in his mouth this time! Cheers to that.

Said a young mother of a 3yr old “Where to keep my kid is the biggest question. None of the starred hotels allow children- even if it is a small celebration. This year we went to party at a friend of a friend of a friend! Believe me, I would never do such a thing…but this year it didn’t feel embarrassing at all. They had a cute bunglow and we partied on the terrace. We took out daughter along as there were many kids from 3yrs to 13 yrs. The kids partied downstairs, they ordered pizzas and coke. At 12 midnight the ‘baccha party’ joined the ‘mummy & daddy’s’ party upstairs and it was so beautiful. I am never again going to party with anonymous people at a starred hotel”

Here are some pictures from  New Years Party at my terrace in Grace Dieu,Opp Powai Park.

 DSC_0074DSC_0090 DSC_0066

Do write in and tell us about your New Year experience. Tell us if you like it better. Is this a return to the Bombay in 70’s and 80’s, before everything was commercialised? Also send us your party pictures and we’ll publish them.

Wishing you A Happy New Year!!!


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