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The Game of Life & Relationships Few Are Prepared

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The Game of Life & RelationshipsMy Book Cover
Few Are Prepared

Pushpendra Mehta

The Game of Life & Relationships is meant for men and women who know how to fall in love, but find it difficult to rise in love and relationships; the powerless, meek and unsuccessful, who continue to be dominated by the powerful, manipulative and arrogant; the rich and famous whose lives are replete with insecurity and unhappiness; individuals who seldom realize the varied facets of appearances and realities, and discerning people who wish to understand the true meaning of wisdom.

The Game of Life & Relationships will provide you over 100 invaluable insights that will help you reflect on important aspects of life and relationships:

· While opposites attract, it is compatibility that preserves.

· Failure or adversity shapes the eminent.

· When weak or powerless avoid convincing.

· Your secrets should be as safe as valuables in a locker.

· Many rich and famous people have many houses, but not a single home.

· The two ubiquitous weapons that women use to overpower most men—tears and beauty.

· Only an enlightened ‘master’ will be able to successfully guide you through the opposites of life: Fame and ignominy, profit and loss, happiness and desolation, success and failure.

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