There are many incidences of Scorpios and Pajero’s theft in Powai being reported this year, Is the infamous Nasrat Ali Idris khan operating in and around Powai?

Who is Nasrat Ali Idris Khan? Nasrat Ali Idris Khan is incidently a serial car thief (who is estimated to steal around 10 cars every month in Mumbai) he is supposedly very well connected in Mumbai, and he is a terror in his village in UP where he hails from, he is also financing his brother’s political ambitions back home (another criminal who is facing murder charges in Mumbai). Coincidently he has been traced to be operating in Powai, since this year.

Nasrat loves to steal Pajero’s and Scorpio’s due to the ease (read security flaw)  and also the stupendous demands in state of UP and north east. SUV’s like Pajero’s have a lot of demand in Nepal also.

Research Source: Most of the information has been reproduced and condensed from his forum thread here


Another case where the Sharma’s Pajero was stolen from outside their Powai residence on 28th March 2011, but was discovered that it was being driven to a location outside the city through a tracking device, the Pajero was ultimately recovered with the help of a relative. Read the article here

Its highly recommended that you secure your vehicles with anti theft security devices, read the forum here for the right kind of security device for your car. Some people have gone as far as keeping a watchman to protect their car, or install a CC TV in the area where you park your car.

This week (Monday night) two Scorpio’s were stolen from Raheja Vihar, Chandivili. I got the wind of the news when the owner Nikhil Soman tweeted from the police station, this is his second scorpio which got stolen in last 4 years.

Below are his tweets.

At Powai police station filing FIR. My Scorpio has been stolen from outside my apartment in Powai, Mumbai.

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Incidentally, met another guy at police station who also lost his scorpio from an apartment block next door at about the same time.

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Powai Police Station – Extremely efficient & well mannered – but… not reassuring enough. – Took about 15 minutes to file FIR. #Scorpio

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