Education is Big Business. When it comes to our children, we want to give them the best education out there. As parents we are filled with guilt and sometimes remorse that we could have given our kids a better deal.

Some parents are able to do that. Some parents don’t. I am talking about the underprivileged children who live in the Chaitanya Nagar, Surya Nagar, Phule Nagar and Indira Nagar which is opposite IIT Bombay Main gate.

It is ironical that inspite living around the the most premier institution of India and the world, these children are not getting good share of education.

Ex IIT Professors form an NGO

I met Chaitali Gupta and Amitabha Gupta the founders of LCCWA. I went around all the 4/5 classrooms and the computer lab. I didn’t expect such level of organisation for an NGO. I had a long chat with Prof Amitabha Gupta, to understand what exactly are they doing with LCCW and how they are educating the kids.

He said children lose interest with the quality of education provided in the municipal schools. The teachers in the NGO supplement the education. They want to make Education interesting and go to the roots of it. He said, they make sure, the teachers (who are all paid) understand this concept.

Sometimes children have no where to go and they simply sit in the classroom and study. Once a day a meal is provided. The meal is made everyday fresh at their premises and is not outsourced to a contractor, as they want to make sure the children get their daily nutrition.

Class Room




Logic Centre and Community welfare Association (LCCWA)

The NGO started operation in 2012 and its been 5 years they have been funded by donors so far. They have grown from 5 children to 150 children in five years. They need money to pay the rents of the classrooms, pay teachers salary and other administrative expenses.

Below is the donation details

Contact Details

You can contact Chaitali Gupta the founder on +919321483700

Bank Details

LOGIC Centre And community welfare ASSOCIATION Mumbai

S.B A/c No 015200124012760

Saraswat Bank

IFSC CODE ; SRCB 0000015

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