Aaditya Sengupta Dhar may seem like any other ten-year old. He studies in Grade 5 and can be found busy with his homework or school activities like other kids his age. His hobbies include learning Karate at Powai’s Forest Club. He recently got his Brown-I Belt and is preparing for his Black Belt exam. Like many kids in the neighbourhood, he loves samosas and jalebis from K3 and Rainbow Pastry from Theobroma’s. However, where he is quite unlike most ten-year olds is that he has just published his first book- a work of fantasy called Secret Tails: Shungilandian History for Humans.

Aaditya was born in Singapore, and then lived in Bangkok for three years and Singapore again for a couple of years, before moving with his parents in 2014 to Mumbai, where they have made Powai their home. This early exposure to multiple cultures has made him curious, and together with his love for reading, especially works of fantasy by Tolkien, Christopher Paolini, C.S. Lewis, has stoked his imagination to create and tell tales of his own. In Grade 3, he created an imaginary land called Shungiland, inhabited by intelligent animals who have technology far beyond what humans do and influence our lives and history without us knowing it. He spent most of last year translating that tale into a book- spending most of his Summer holidays writing. This month, the young author was excited to see the labour of his love come to life- his first ever book- Secret Tails: Shungilandian History for Humans, a 210-page book meant to entertain kids just like him.

Top 10 Hot New Releases on Amazon

A surreal moment for Aaditya was seeing his book in the Top 10 Hot New Releases on Amazon, right next to the latest book by his idol, Christopher Paolini, who had become a bestselling author at the age of fifteen with his Eragon series. Aaditya’s parents have this to say, “He’s still only ten, and as parents, we don’t know what he’ll end up doing when he grows up, but both of us have been admirers of his determination in pursuing this passion of his. That ability to not just dream of big ideas but see them through to reality is something that will serve him well no matter what he does.”

Aaditya has been overwhelmed by the support he has got from his teachers, friends and neighbours, and like all good writers, he is using the motivation he has got to get working on his next book!

Secret Tails: Shungilandian History for Humans is a book quite unlike any you may have read- a book for young kids written by a young kid, and is available on Amazon.

10-Year Old from Powai