I don’t like to put news about murder, robbery, rapes and accidents on this website. I feel these things are unfortunate parts of lives. But now there seems to be a steady stream of news about road accidents in Powai. A week back there was unconfirmed report about a child who was killed on the road by a speeding vehicle between powai police station and the chandivali road, the locals along with authorities overnight came up with 4 speed breakers so that speeding vehicles could be slowed down. Yesterday evening around 6 pm there was news on twitter that another child was run over by a tempo in tunga village and the angry neighbourhood locals set the tempo on fire, resulting in massive traffic jam.

Today morning again opps Heritage building near Go-Karting in Hiranandani Gardens at around 9.15 am, a speeding dumper truck killed 1 people and 2 injured. I personally find it extremely scary walking on the roads in Hiranandani due to these young rash drivers who need to carry people and goods to places in time. Someone asked me, can we do something about this? I dont know, can we as a society come together and think, and not burn tempo’s and stuff? Is burning or setting vehicles on fire going to resolve anything in particular?

This is a gruesome pic from the accident spot. I wish I could have avoided uploading, but maybe instead of reacting and speculating we all can think together?

[box]Thanks to Kamlesh Desai for informing us and sending the picture [/box]

News source : http://planetpowai.com/news/0801201201.htm