“Don’t be shy.. whay not try?” - Cafe Bean Garu

“Aiyyo!”, he says “Allo Powai, this is very cooll plaace, it be such fun!”.  The very affable and charming Bean Garu has travelled a long way from the South to the land of Bollywood bringing with him his love for cooking and all things nice.

An avid artist whose imagination translates into his food, he presents to you his much inspired contemporary South Indian fare with classics as well as tweaked dishes at his newly opened  Café Bean Garu , 1st. floor,  Haiko Mall, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai.

This hep South Indian Bistro offers a range of innovative south Indian dishes that will tantalize your taste buds without hurting your pocket. You can choose from over 5 different varieties of Andhra- flavoured idlis; contemporary dosas such as the Pesto cheese dosa and the Pizza dosa;  a variety of chutneys including tomato, onion, mint and coconut; and creamy curries that will leave you wanting for more. Bean Garu prides his unique concoction of Andhra filter-coffee and Herbal Ice Tea preparations. Not to be missed is his secret Bean Garu Pickle!

An uber-cool hangout it is the ideal place to chill out and celebrate with friends and family of every age and every nationality over a Podi Tossed Idly and Malabari Curry complimented with Hazelnut Filter Coffee or one of Bean Garu’s Age Increasing Mixology’s or any of his yummy preparations. Bean Garu has been thoughtful in having free wi-fi for all. Romance or a date this is a must-visit place made by an incurable idealistic romantic. In fact everything he does he really does it for her!

Inspired by his lady love aka Ms. Bean, Bean Garu wants to travel the world to spread his idea of what good food should be like. His nature for experimentation is currently leading him across the country in search for people who will share his taste for the amazing things in life.

Creativity extends into the dining experience and warm ambience that draws from the “Khach-Khach” design concept, a random and abstracted version of hip aesthetics invented by its creators Dr. Art and Design with a modern yet contemporary presentation of food, giving Café Bean Garu its distinctive charm.


Café Bean Garu is slated to go multi-city pan India via the franchise and management route. It is a flexi-QSR franchise model for malls and as a standalone. The brand will also associate with hotel groups as a part of the hotel in a different format. It is delightfully engaging in the manner in which it is conceived and for its interaction with guests and will revolutionize the way cafés and bistros are perceived in the country.

Aiyyo, want some inspired food and fun, check-in here for! After all, as Bean Garu says, “Yevrybody is invited!”

Don’t be shy.. whay not try.. Aiyyo!!

11am to 10pm

Tel : +91 22 40153258

Website    :  www.cafebeangaru.in

Facebook :  www.facebook.com/BeanGaru

Twitter      : @beangaru

Level 1, Haiko Mall, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai,Mumbai -400 076. India.

Email : capershospitality@gmail.com

Check the menu here: Click to view