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[contact-form][contact-field label=’Did you get your ROI (Return on investment) for the money spent on Powai.info’ type=’radio’ required=’1′ options=’Yes,No,Never measured’/][contact-field label=’What was the product you have purchased?’ type=’radio’ required=’1′ options=’Banner Ad,Advertorial Article,Classified Advertisment,Listing on the website’/][contact-field label=’Which advertising works best for your type of business’ type=’radio’ options=’Print ads,Coprorate tieups,Facebook Advertising,Powai info’/][contact-field label=’Where do you think Powai Info can improve?’ type=’radio’ required=’1′ options=’Providing more information about services on Powai.info,Calling up or emailing more often,Follow up after Sales,Pre sales follow up,General Customer Service’/][/contact-form]