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Hari Raja

Hangouts @ Hiranandani

Well this is a small list of Hot Spots that I discovered during my days in Hiranandani…First things first, this is not a food review article, hence please don’t take my word for any restaurant or food item as final unless you’ve tasted it yourself and have the same sentiments. As you all know that […]

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Top 5 Parks in Powai

In what is a huge blessing for nature lovers, the parks in Powai are amongst the best parks in Mumbai. Each park has its unique appeal, which ensures that there is somewhere for everyone at all times of the day. This guide to the top 5 parks in Powai will help you find the perfect […]

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5 Places to Buy Great Gifts in Powai

After the perfect give for a friend or loved one? There’s no need to look far because there are plenty of shops in Powai that sell attractive gift items, such as toys, books, music, handicrafts, home furnishings, jewellerly, and other novelty items. Whether you’re buying something for a child, a friend, or a relative there […]

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5 of the Best Indian Restaurants in Powai

Whether you feel like fine dining a la carte, or just a simple no-frills thali, Powai has some of the best Indian cuisine restaurants in Mumbai. Many of them serve buffets at lunch time too, so you can feast until you slumber (unless of course, you have to head back to the office). Here are […]

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5 Fun Things to Do in Powai

If you’re looking for something entertaining to do with your friends or family, fortunately there are plenty of options in Powai. In fact, people from other parts of Mumbai regularly come to Powai because of all the fun activities that are on offer. These activities are some of the best in the city, and include […]

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Top 5 Hotels in Powai

There are a number of excellent world class hotels in Powai, despite its suburban location. Many are particularly well suited to business travellers, who wish to be close to Mumbai airport. Check out the top 5 hotels in Powai here.

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