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By Manish Gadia This trail can be covered by a Car or on foot. However Car / 2 wheeler would be needed to cover the entire trail in a given morning. Around 125 species of Birds has been recorded at Aarey. I have also found out that invariably every species of bird has a prominent […]

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Top 5 Parks in Powai

In what is a huge blessing for nature lovers, the parks in Powai are amongst the best parks in Mumbai. Each park has its unique appeal, which ensures that there is somewhere for everyone at all times of the day. This guide to the top 5 parks in Powai will help you find the perfect […]

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Powai Gardens has been Neglected and Abandoned!

The Dr. B. Ambedkar Gardens popularly known as the Powai gardens is a beautifully tucked away green niche right opposite the L&T gates at the Powai traffic junction area leading towards the Renaissance hotel and the Saki Naka roads. Unfortunately, the garden is not well maintained. As active citizens come join the brigade in restoring […]

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Photos of Forest Park in Powai

The aptly named Forest Park, located off Forest Street in Hiranandani Gardens in Powai, is a park that feels more like being in the woods. There are walking tracks, and seats nestled randomly and cozily into the foliage. It really is hard to believe that the park is located in the middle of a developed […]

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Photos of Flowers in Powai

Retired Commander Sanjeev Saikia, who took these delightful photos of Powai Lake, has been kind enough to share with us some more stunning photos, this time of flowers in Powai. These flowers, with their intricate form and bold colours, are a real visual treat.

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Photos of Heritage Park in Powai

Heritage Garden is another spacious, well maintained park in Hiranandani Gardens, Powai. Although it’s not as large as Nirvana Park or Hiranandani Park, it still has plenty of room to walk, relax, or play. Step inside Heritage Garden and take a look in these photos.

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Photos of Hiranandani Garden Park Powai

True to its name, Hiranandani Gardens provides a number of parks and gardens for those seeking to relax amongst nature. Although this park isn’t as attractively landscaped as Nirvana Park, it’s still very well maintained and offers quite a few distinct benefits.

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Birds of Powai Lake

Article by lotus leaf. She blogs at http://lotusleaf-gardentropics.blogspot.com/. I spent the latter part of my holiday in Mumbai. Although I found the sweltering heat unbearable after my sojourn in the cool Himalayas, birds seemed to like the weather. They were busy mating and foraging.

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Powai Lake Photos

Peaceful Powai Lake is an artificial lake that’s a popular attraction in the Powai area. A stroll along the pathways around Powai Lake is really relaxing, and you’ll be able to enjoy spotting a variety of water birds. These photos of Powai Lake reveal its beauty and bird-life.

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A Peek Inside Nirvana Park Powai

Aptly named Nirvana Park really feels like a piece of Nirvana in Hiranandani Gardens, Powai. Big city life can easily be tiring and stressful, even living in a relatively peaceful place such as Powai. Fortunately, Powai is blessed with arguably the most spacious and attractively landscaped park in Mumbai. Let’s take a peek inside Nirvana […]

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