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Lensman Mukesh Apna Mukesh!

Master Photojournalist and lensman Mukesh Trivedi.

By Elsie Gabriel When I met Mukesh Trivedi a dozen years ago I figured out that the essence of good photojournalism is the interaction of an empathetic photographer with the scene. I know most  photographers must operate within  limitations , but Mukesh goes beyond the photographer and the scene, and weaves a story  from the […]

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An exclusive video interview with Suman Basu, Vice-President –North East Mumbai Congress Committee

Suman Basu is a familar face in Powai as she has spent a life time working for the rights of the underprivileged  in Powai and striving for a better life for Powai-ites, She is an extra-ordinarily sensitive and caring social worker, and if things get rough she holds a black belt in Karate where she conducts and […]

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Elsie Gabriel

Link: Planet Powai Online One must have come across Elsie’s name often in ‘Planet Powai’ and M&P Plus. She is a resident of Powai, whose journey from a journalist to an environmental crusader has been fascinating. Yes, Elsie is a woman of substance in the true sense of the word. What makes her stand out […]

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About B.D. Shetty

Shri Barkur Dharmaraya Shetty (B.D.Shetty) hails from Barkur near Brahmavar – Udupi . Mr. B. D. Shetty started his career as an Entrepreneur after completing his First Class Chemical Engineering Degree in 1969 and a 3 Years working experience in Golden Chemical Ltd., from 1970 to 1973. The Entrepreneurship started by him in the year […]

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